Fake news redux: Just like every “reporting error” during the Russia Hoax only went in one direction. Every reporting error on Covid-19 also only errors in one direction. What does that tell you?

Tyler S. Farley

I suppose if you wanted to determine if something was a hoax or not, you would look to a previous, exposed hoax and then look for similarities.

Luckily, during the midst of this “pandemic” which many are starting to realize is being totally overblown and the expense of the global economy, we don’t have to look very far back in history for a hoax to compare it to.

Before the China virus took over the news, we all had to deal with the constant media circus known as the Russia Hoax. For over a year, daily headlines would be written claiming that an anonymous source finally had the goods on President Trump and would soon be exposing him as a Russian sleeper agent.

Of course, as you probably also remember, within days every single one of these stories would quietly be retracted or corrected, only to be replaced by another false claim that would soon be retracted as well. And this would go on over and over again for more than a year.

Author Matt Taibbi wrote about this unprecedented string of “reporting errors” and looked deeper into the issue. After studying over 50 major “bombshell” stories by mainstream media outlets that later had to be retracted, he stopped keeping count as they were too numerous to keep up with.

Bu what Matt Taibbi found was that in every single case, without question, the errors always went in only one direction. Every error made President Trump out to be a Russian agent or taking orders from the Russians. Never once was there a story posted in error that suggested the President was innocent.

Taibbi’s conclusion was obvious. There was no way a year’s worth of media’s mistakes all breaking in one direction could be an honest mistake. These were all clearly written as “fake news” with the goal of smearing the President, then quietly walking back the story only to do it all over again the next day.

So now we move to the current situation with the pandemic. And once again we are seeing over and over again the exact same “errors” breaking in only direction.

Every single day we hear another doomsday story about covid-19. And then days later, quietly that story gets walked back.

The latest example is regarding Penn State athletes. Athlete Director of Medicine at Penn State Wayne Sebastianelli put out a shocking “bombshell” story that was picked up nationwide. He stated that 35% of the athletes he studied showed signs of a type of heart damage called myocarditis. Even more shocking, he claimed that this occurred whether the athletes showed symptoms of covid-19 or not. Simply testing positive with no symptoms put them at high risk for heart damage.

But just like all the Russia Hoax stories, this was walked back just days later. Penn State had to issue a clarification stating that Wayne Sebastianelli had “unintentionally” misquoted early numbers he had overheard from a colleague. Not only that, Penn State later admitted that no student athletes had any signs of myocarditis at Penn State.

The whole story was fake. Not one athlete had heart damage of any kind.

Of course, I could write a book on these sorts of stories, and I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of them yourself. Fake positive test results, labs putting out 100% test positivity rates, people dying in motorcycle crashes being labeled as covid-19 deaths. The list goes on and and all these stories have one thing in common. They all break in one direction, and that direction is to make covid-19 sound as deadly and as scary as possible. Not one story was ever published “mistakenly” that shows covid-19 is less deadly and less scary.

So at this point, it should be painfully obvious what is going on. Just like during the Russia Hoax, every fake news story that later gets retracted always breaks in the direction to strengthen the media’s narrative. Never in the opposite direction.

And now with the pandemic, we have the exact same situation. Every story that gets retracted or corrected, every study or CDC number that gets “quietly” revised only goes in one direction, and that direction is to fit with the media’s narrative.

So what we have is the same old fake news propaganda, just wrapped up in a shiny costume. But this time, instead of just attacking one man, they’ve put the target on all of our backs. Everyone has been touched negatively by the shutdowns and economic damage from this overblown pandemic. The big question is, when the the truth comes out, will those in the media be held accountable?

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