Dr. Fauci’s only “expertise” is giving advice in hindsight then trying to claim “I told you so”.

Tyler S. Farley

Dr. Fauci is at again. Giving advice that’s either in total hindsight which is of no value, or giving advice with such a hedge that it’s useless.

A classic example of this is an interview Dr. Fauci gave on February 29th where he told NBC news that Americans should not change anything about their daily lives or worry about the coronavirus. Then he added that the virus may spread within the community, at which point people should change their daily habits.

So what the hell is the usefulness of such hedged advice? It serves virtually no purpose, nobody can plan anything using the advice, and it just adds to the overall confusion and fear. And all of this is coming from the most preeminent expert we have in the country?

Let’s review a little timeline of Dr. Fauci’s advice on shutdowns and you can see how his advice varies based on the blowing wind and public sentiment.

As cases started to grow in March, Dr. Fauci called for the shutdowns across the United States. Americans complied and trillions of dollars was sacrificed as a result.

But as summer approached and the toll of a long shutdown was becoming evident, Dr Fauci took to cable news to warn that shutdowns have their own consequences, and we can’t shutdown for too long or risk worsening economic and widespread mental health related issues.

So here already we have Dr. Fauci playing both sides depending on public sentiment. He was all for shutdowns at first, but as people started to balk, he suddenly admits they may have drawbacks that are worse than the coronavirus itself.

That brings us to today where now Dr. Fauci is claiming the initial shutdowns weren’t strict enough.

So as you can see, Dr. Fauci has basically covered every possible position on shutdowns. From recommending shutdowns, to not letting shutdowns be too strict or go on for to long, to now saying we didn’t shutdown hard enough.

The only thing one can infer from all of Dr. Fauci’s flip-flopping is that he either has no idea what he’s talking about or he’s simply making this all up as he goes along. He’s never had a cohesive message during the entire pandemic and his “expert” advice is nothing but hedged gibberish along the lines of “this may happen, or maybe it won’t happen”.

I believe it’s time to relieve Dr. Fauci of his duties. Not for political reasons, but for the simple fact he offers the public absolutely no usable information or guidance. Not only that, any advice he does give changes whenever he notices the sentiment among the public change.

One of the worst examples of this is the issue of wearing masks. Dr. Fauci advised Americans for months not to wear a mask and told us all it would actually make the pandemic worse. Then he made a complete about-face and suggested every American wear a face mask, even if it’s homemade.

And what was Dr. Fauci’s reason for this sudden about-face? He says he simply lied the first time and didn’t want Americans to stockpile masks.

So how in the world can we trust Dr. Fauci. He admitted to lying during one of the biggest public health emergencies in history. It wasn’t a single lie at a press conference, he continued the lie for months. How many people died as a result? How many people took his advice and infected their families or friends only to be told later they were lied to by America’s top health expert?

The time has come, Dr. Fauci has to be relieved of his duties. His lies and useless advice are only making matters worse and he has already caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of Americans.

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