Two simple questions for governors mandating masks. 1) If masks will end the pandemic, why didn’t they suggest this BEFORE forcing a 3 month shutdown? And 2) if masks are so critical, why have none of these officials initiated a free mask program for those who are financially struggling?

Tyler S. Farley

Let me start off by saying, I have no problem with anyone wearing a mask. If you choose to wear a mask, please do so. All I ask is that you wear it properly so you don’t end up making the situation worse by spreading the virus via a dirty and contaminated mask.

Beyond that, I do have two simple questions for local officials who are forcing their constituents to wear masks via mandates. These are very basic questions and should have a simple and logical answer, but I have yet to hear such an answer articulated by any of the local officials mandating the wearing of masks.

Question #1 – If masks are such an easy and fool-proof way to stop the spread of the coronavirus and allow for the economy to remain open, why didn’t they suggest this first before actually shutting down the economy for 3 months?

It’s not as if masks are a new invention that nobody was aware of until two weeks ago. But governors and mayors are suddenly acting as though they have just discovered that masks can prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Not only that, governors mandating the masks all seem to project the belief that wearing masks is a fool-proof solution. The only thing they believe that can make their plan fail is if a small percentage of people choose not to wear the masks.

So if governors and mayors are so confident that wearing a mask will end the pandemic, why didn’t they recommend this idea first before shutting down the economy?

Question #2 – Why is there still no free mask program in any of these states or cities that have mandated masks?

If masks were truly the only hope for a city or state to survive, wouldn’t officials at least be trying to secure masks to hand out. Masks are very cheap when bought in bulk, and the price would be a rounding error in the state’s budget. Yet still, none of these officials have called for any type of statewide mask hand out program.

At the very least, you would think they would try to hand out masks for those suffering financial hardships due to the shutdowns. For a family of 4 who is struggling economically, keeping a supply of clean masks on hand can be as much as $100 a month. Masks are selling for as much as $1 each for the disposable kind, and $5 -$10 each for multi-use ones that are suggested to be worn for only a week after daily use according to most manufactures.

So as you can see, many struggling families most likely can’t afford to buy masks every week and must wear the same dirty mask for months, which most likely provides minimal if any benefit.

A simple solution would be a free mask program run by the state. They don’t have to be the hard-to-get N95 masks, but any mask they can buy in bulk and hand out to struggling citizens would help. But yet, no effort at all has been made on this front.

So those are the two questions that local officials should be able to easily answer if their strategy of mandating masks is a sound one. But yet, as of now, we have yet to hear an explanation or an answer for the two simple questions proposed above.

Could it be because these officials know the masks won’t really make a difference, but it does give them the ability to blame the “evil” anti-mask crowd for any subsequent fallout from the pandemic.

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