Major corporations were quick to show their unwavering support for BLM protests, but now that protests are resulting in children being murdered, will they withdraw their support or share in the blame?

Tyler S. Farley

Barely more than 24 hours after the initial George Floyd inspired Black Lives Matter protests began, corporations of all types were quick to make public displays of their approval.

Companies from Amazon to Apple all made unprecedented displays of support for the BLM protesters as they filled the streets to demonstrate.

But quickly the protests turned violent. Looting and vandalism became the norm for nearly two weeks in every major city. New York’s most prestigious streets soon looked like a warzone as stores were boarded up. Apple themselves had to build a giant fortress around their own store in New York to protect it from the very protesters they were supporting.

Apple store in NY encased to protect it from looters.

But things changed this past weekend. Now children are being murdered by Black Lives Matter protesters.

I’m sure you have already heard the heart breaking story. A mother and her 8 year old daughter tried to make a u-turn in the Atlanta Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was shot by police. BLM protesters had taken over the now burned out restaurant and stood guard armed with rifles and other weapons. When the mother tried to make a u-turn in the parking lot she was confronted by the protesters, and soon after they opened fire, killing an innocent 8 year old girl named Secoriea Turner.

From a corporate perspective, this should be a public relations nightmare. A group that most all major corporations bent over backwards to publicly support is now responsible for the murder of an 8 year old girl.

You would think after such events that these corporations would be in full damage control mode, and retracting their support for the now murderous protesters.

Just imagine if during the economic reopen protests in Michigan a month ago that a reopen protester shot an 8 year girl. The media would latch on to the killing and blame Trump and all of his supporters for the death. We would never hear the end of it and Trump would never stop being questioned as to why he supported the protesters in the first place.

But where is the media now? Why aren’t they asking these corporations who supported BLM to answer for this latest wave of killing in the name of the group they support?

Do corporations still fully support BLM? Should corporations rescind their support until changes are made and the group is peaceful and can go a week without the killing another black child?

These are all the questions the media should be asking corporations. Even the financial media should be asking these questions. But instead there is silence. Companies have all been given a free pass.

These companies jumped the gun. They jumped on the BLM bandwagon out of fear of being called racist and then being “canceled”. So they latched on to a group they didn’t even understand and gave them their full support. Amazon and other large companies posted huge BLM banners across their websites. They even sent out letters berating their employees and customers to support BLM as well or be deemed a racist and part of the problem.

But just weeks after, children are being murdered and these companies are now silent. These companies and the media promoted BLM and egged on the protests day after day. They share the blame in this little girl’s death. But as we can see, they are all protecting each other instead and not the black lives they claim to care about. The media and corporations are protecting each other while real black lives are lost in our streets. And the silence from these companies and the media is deafening.

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