From abortions for babies after they’re born to disbanding police departments, Progressives keep pushing ideas that have very little public support.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s been this conspiracy theory floating around that is actually more of a running joke than a real theory, but I’m almost starting to believe it.

The theory is that the heavily left-leaning mainstream media is secretly trying to make Democrats look ridiculous so that Trump wins another election, and the legacy media can stave off their inevitable death for 4 more years.

It’s an interesting theory but the truth is that Progressives that control the mainstream media are just so out of touch with America, that almost anything they say now sounds ridiculous. And that fact couldn’t be more true with their latest pet issue that has them wanting to disband and dismantle police departments around the country.

Although the notion of dismantling police departments is absurd, if you put this in the context of other Progressive ideas over the last year or two, it’s actually not that surprising at all.

Just last year Progressives were pushing extreme abortion guidelines that would make it legal to abort a baby even AFTER the baby was born. This is a totally preposterous idea, and one that has virtually no public support, and rightfully so.

I wrote an article at the time about this exact subject and polling at that time showed that support for late term abortions was less than 13%. Abortions being allowed after birth or at the time of birth would poll even lower, maybe less than 1%. But yet Progressives in the media were making it their flagship issue. It made no sense and it showed how out of touch Progressives and their media allies really are.

Now fast forward to today, and Progressives have a new outlandish idea that they are rallying behind – Disbanding the police.

Once again, the answer is simply in the polling data. The police as an institution is not nearly as hated as the media would have you believe. A Gallup poll shows that 53% of people responded that they had a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the police.

In fact, Yahoo polling showed that support for defunding or disbanding police was less than 16%, and that’s right now during the constant police bashing by the mainstream media. If you took that poll several months ago I would suspect the numbers would be below 10%.

The bottom line is that there’s really no debate on this topic. Defunding the police simply has no public support in America outside of the elitist mainstream media. Disbanding or defunding the police is a “luxury belief” in that elitists in gated communities can push for this because they believe it will have no consequences for them, yet they can appear virtuous by demanding it.

Defunding the police will only harm minorities and working class neighborhoods. Nobody seems to be calling for the police to be abolished in The Hamptons or Beverly Hills. I would wager that if Beverly Hills publicly announced they were disbanding the police, every Hollywood elitist would be on the first private jet to one of the “flyover” states they claim to hate so much.

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