When every corporate PR department is bending over backwards to support your cause, you’re not part of a revolution. You’re part of a marketing campaign.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s been a question that keeps running through my head lately. It seems like an obvious enough question, but for some reason I’ve never heard anyone bring it up anywhere in the media. The question is, who exactly are these protests being aimed at?

When it comes to the Black Lives Matter protests, I can’t find any major institutions that don’t fully support them. Virtually every influential institution, entity, or corporation is taking every chance they get to publicly declare their support for the protests.

Every mainstream media outlet has openly and fully supported the protesters. Pundits on MSNBC or CNN openly praise the images they show on the screen of protesters filling city squares. They even openly downplay any wrongdoing, such as looting, so that the protesters are only shown in the best light.

Next is Hollywood, every single influential movie star, producer, or entertainer has jumped on board supporting the protests. Many celebrities such as Steve Carrell have offered to pay bail for any protesters getting arrested. This offer was made before even knowing what exactly the protester might get arrested for. So if a protester struck an innocent bystander over the head with a bike lock, I guess Steve Carrell would bail the attacker out of jail. Maybe he would even offer the protester a spare bedroom in his mansion, although I doubt that.

Next are corporations. Corporations have jumped on the protests as if it’s the latest trend that will send their stock price soaring. Brands ranging from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to Apple  have openly supported the protests with open letters and a near-constant barrage of Tweets in support of Black Lives Matter.

Then we have academic institutions. Virtually all American educational institutions of higher learning have shown public support for the protests. Professors are even Tweeting to the protesters how to avoid arrest or tear down monuments using their expertise.

Even the medical community has openly supported Black Lives Matter protests by stating that the risk of possible coronavirus infection is worth it in order to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

So all of this begs the question, who exactly are the protesters speaking to? If you look at this objectively, it seems as though virtually every influential institution, every elitist institution, is totally on their side.

Of course, that brings up another question, and this one is for the protesters themselves to ponder. If every major, elitist institution agrees with you, are you really part of a revolution or a complex political marketing campaign?

My instincts tell me that if you’re doing exactly what the mainstream media conglomerates and corporate America want you to do, you’re probably being used.

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