CEOs like Tim Cook and Roger Goodell should act as an example and move out of their all-white, gated communities and into the black neighborhoods they claim to want to help.

Tyler S. Farley

The totally empty and meaningless lip service just keeps coming.

From Tim Cook’s open letter to a recent video by Roger Goodell who decided to change his opinion on NFL player protests, the virtue signaling has reached a fever pitch. It’s so prominent, you almost can’t avoid it.

We also have the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian who is stepping down from his position on Reddit’s board. The reason he stated was to make way for a black person to take his place. Apparently he thinks a black person wouldn’t be able to get the job on their own without his charity, which by itself seems a little racist. But hey, logic doesn’t matter when you’re virtue signaling.

What these CEOs should really do to prove their commitment to what they believe is to take action instead of just putting out press statements. These elitists who are lecturing us all about how much they love the black community should sell their homes in their gated communities which are 99% white and move into an actual black community.

While they’re living in a real black community, they can mentor their neighbors and new community using all of their combined business knowledge and skills.

It really seems like that would be a win-win for both parties. These CEOs like Tim Cook and Roger Goodell can set an example for the rest of us, and the black communities they move into will benefit from their combined knowledge and mentoring.

At this point I’m sure some people out there will think I’m suggesting these CEOs move into a black neighborhood as some sort of punishment. As a way for them to have to see how the “real world” works so maybe it will change their opinion. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Personally, I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood in Chicago. At the time, and even today white people were the minority by far in the neighborhood where I was raised. I had a perfectly fine childhood and my experiences there helped me as I grew older and moved on.

That’s why I’m calling on these virtue signaling white CEOs who like to lecture us all on diversity as they are chauffeured to and from their gated, all-white communities to show us how they really feel with actions, not words. I would like them to show us all that their non-stop rhetoric on racial diversity is more than just empty lip service like Tweets and open letters.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple who recently penned an open letter against racism and calling for more diversity, lives in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto has a black population of 1.5%. So it’s very likely that Tim Cook could go days without ever seeing a black person in real life. The management at Apple is not much different from Cook’s cozy neighborhood. At Apple, upper level management is only 3% black. So once again, in any given week while Tim Cook strolls the hallways of Apple or the sidewalks of his neighborhood, he may never actually run into a black person.

So I ask Tim Cook and the rest of these virtue-signaling CEOs to please come down from your ivory towers and join the rest of us. You see, the rest of us are already living in diverse communities, it’s just you and your elite friends who haven’t got the memo.

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