Greek BLM protesters firebomb US embassy. But why?

Tyler S. Farley

In a shocking scene that makes one believe the protests spreading around the world are nothing but an elitist plot, Greek BLM rioters firebombed a heavily guarded U.S. embassy in Athens.

Protesters had signs written in English that read “Black Lives Matter” as well as “I can’t Breath”.

According to reports, almost 3,000 protesters approached the embassy, at one point firing Molotov cocktails towards the entrance, forcing police to disperse teargas to try to regain control of the rioters.

But all of this bring up an interesting question, do Greeks really care about racial tensions in America so much that they would take to their own streets and violently protest? It seems strange, especially how those of us in America are often scolded for even suggesting that other countries give a damn what happens here. We are often told that we are silly for thinking America is the center of the universe, and most countries could care less.

So why then would Greece, as well as other countries, suddenly take to the streets to protest a complex racial issue here in America that has no analogue in Greece? For example, Greece is 98% Greek, with blacks and other races making up less than 1% of the population each.

In fact, Reuters reported that attacks on migrants and immigrants in Greece were on the upswing. Not really something you would expect to hear from a country that suddenly has decided to protest against a racially charged incident half a world away.

I think the obvious conclusion is that many of these protests are being instigated. The spread of the riots across the United States were suspicious, but for arguments sake have the possibility of being mostly organic. However, the spread worldwide is beyond the scope of reality and virtually guarantees that they are being heavily organized. Local reports and police statements have stated that the protesters are well coordinated, and not at all spontaneous gatherings.

Over the next few weeks and months, the stories will start to come out regarding who really organized these protests. Where they got their funding, and how it spread so fast. I think all the usual suspects will be involved, such as The Open Society Foundation. And when the stories do come out, it will be yet another conspiracy theory that quickly became a fact, as seems to be the case more and more in 2020.

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