When you constantly hear the phrase “defying the governor’s orders” it means you are ruled by men, not by laws.

Tyler S. Farley

Along with all the other phrases that suddenly became part of our national lexicon, such as flattening the curve, there’s another phrase we’re now often hearing and it’s much more telling as to what’s actually going on.

That phrase is: “Defying the governor’s orders”.

We hear it on the news on a daily basis, mostly in regards to citizens exercising their constitutional rights to earn a living and run a legal business. In almost every case, when one of these lawful citizens pushes back against the never-ending shutdowns, they are said to be “defying the governor’s orders”.

But stop and think about that phrase. A governor’s order shouldn’t even be a phrase that can be used to threaten people with arrest. The governor is just a man, and if his or her orders cannot be defied without penalty, it means we are ruled by men and not by laws.

If people are violating a constitutional law, then the phrase we should be hearing all the time would be “people are defying the law” or “violating the law”. But if you pay attention, you never hear that phrase in regards to pushing back against the shutdowns. The reason is because the shutdowns are not legal, and they are in almost all cases not lawful, at least not after 2 months.

Of course, all of this will ultimately be settled in the courts. When society begins to go back to normal, the lawsuits will begin as well they should. I’m sure many people have a negative view when it comes to lawsuits, however in this case they are needed. Without lawsuits and the resulting penalties and payouts, governments won’t hesitate to institute these draconian shutdown orders again whenever they please, and for whatever reason. Without being penalized and without a legal precedent being set for how they were unlawful, we would set ourselves up to be shutdown at any time in the future at the whim of whoever happens to be in charge.

As has happened so much during this pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, the curtain has been pulled back on how fragile our rights really are. We are promised so much, but full rights only seem to be enjoyed when they are not needed. When you truly need your rights, they can easily be stripped away. It’s like an insurance policy you tuck away and it makes you feel secure in case catastrophe strikes, but when that catastrophe actually happens, the insurance company refuses to pay out, and instead changes the entire policy.

Millions of Americans have recently realized that many of their rights are exactly like the insurance policy analogy I just outlined. The question is, what will they demand now that they’ve learned the truth.

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