Trump’s big gamble on hydroxychloroquine. Will the payoff be a deathblow for the fake news media?

Tyler S. Farley

Trump effortlessly dropped what could turn out to be a bombshell today with the admission that he is taking the much talked about drug combination of hydroxychloroquine and zinc.

Trump stated that after numerous tests, he never tested positive for the coronavirus, but he is taking the medicine combo as a preventive measure.

As you would expect, the media went crazy after the news, however a deeper look is needed to find out Trump’s motivations for the revelation and what it could mean.

For starters, Trump had no obligation to tell anyone if he was taking hydroxychloroquine or not. So simply for privacy reasons he didn’t have to disclose it at this point.

More importantly though, was the timing of Trump’s announcement. Much of the earlier debate on hydroxychloroquine has died down. The media has made their claim that the drug is ineffective and for the most part the story has dropped off the mainstream radar. So with that being the case, if Trump truly thought he made the wrong call several months ago when he said he believed hydroxychloroquine was a great treatment, he could have just let the story fade away.

But he did the opposite. He actually doubled down on his earlier statements in a huge way by saying he’s taking the drug. There was no need for Trump to double down like this on a story that had already faded away unless he knows he will eventually be proven right, and I think that’s exactly what happened.

If you remember back 2 months ago, when Trump first talked about hydroxychloroquine as a treatment, the media instantly deemed the drug dangerous and ineffective. It was far too early for any trials to have taken place, but the media had already made their call.

Not only that, Democratic lawmakers and governors in several states took action to ban the sale of the drug. All of this was within days of Trump speaking up about it. So none of these actions were based on science. For some reason, the media and Democratic governors all colluded to shoot down any notion the drug could work.

I believe those actions set the table for Trump’s latest move. He knows that information will come out showing hydroxychloroquine and zinc are actually a very effective treatment. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will take the combination with great results. And when that happens, the spotlight will be on the mainstream media who told those same Americans the drug was a waste of time, and cost thousands of lives in the process.

This could very well be the payoff  Trump is looking for with this latest public gamble. The mainstream media is on the record for telling Americans to not even think about hydroxychloroquine as a treatment. Every left-leaning pundit and reporter is on the record. But when the drug is proven effective, what will the public think then? At that point the media can be blamed for actual deaths and suffering, not just fake news and propaganda. That’s a totally different ballgame, and the media will not be able to spin their way out of it.

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