Are the experts wrong again? Did the “second wave” already happen in March and April after the first wave in late 2019?

Tyler S. Farley

With the experts already predicting a so-called “second wave”, a valid question to ask is why we should believe the experts this time when they’ve been wrong at every other major turning point during this pandemic?

One obvious question would simply be this. Was March and April the second wave? Was the first wave here in America actually in November and December of last year?

Evidence is starting to show this could be exactly what happened. Experts simply missed the first wave as nobody was testing for a new novel coronavirus. The second wave was misinterpreted as the first wave.

For starters, let’s look at information and new data coming out of China. Reporting suggests that the Wuhan laboratory where this virus likely started was starting to shutdown and cover their tracks as early as October of 2019. That means the initial viral release, accidental or not, could have been as early as September or sooner. Given the amount of travel that Chinese citizens have to the United States, it’s very possible our infections started in late October and spread quickly to reach a peak in November and December.

Below is an excerpt from a Reuters article that describes how early the virus had gone global.

“A genetic study of samples from more than 7,500 people infected with COVID-19 suggests the new coronavirus spread quickly around the world after it emerged in China sometime between October and December last year, scientists say.”

As more research is done and data becomes available, it consistently shows the global viral outbreak and spread started much earlier than originally thought. The virus was already global soon after October of 2019.

The next key piece of evidence is anecdotal, however it’s the best we will get as nobody was testing for the coronavirus from November through January in the U.S. However, many Americans experienced a mystery illness that was prevalent all across the United States in late 2019. In fact, I’m pretty sure you know someone who had an unusual bout of the flu during that time period, or possibly even had it yourself. There are countless stories from individuals who have posted their experiences on social media with a mysterious flu-like illness that lasted for weeks, and they tested negative for the seasonal flu when seeking medical attention.

I personally know several people who had a terrible case of the flu during this time period, and in one instance, was hospitalized for 2 days. This otherwise healthy person was never diagnosed by his doctors with anything they had seen before. But after several weeks he recovered and it was simply chalked up as a viral infection. He had pneumonia symptoms and described exactly the same symptoms as people who now have been diagnosed with coronavirus. The difficulty breathing, fever, initial recovery then relapse. It was all the same.

As I stated earlier, this story is not unusual at all, and you probably know of people who had similar experiences. It’s very likely these people had the coronavirus, it was the first wave but doctors had no idea what it was. Most patients recovered, so they simply figured it was a viral infection of some kind.

The increase of infections and fatalities that came later in March of 2020 in New York and other places was most likely the second wave, not the first. The Chinese government’s lack of transparency and secrecy caused the world to completely miss the first wave. If the Chinese government had been more open, America and other countries like Italy could have reacted to the first wave in late 2019, contained it better, and avoided many fatalities of the second wave in March of 2020.

Of course, much of this is speculation and I understand that. But at the same time, the experts and their models have been wrong about virtually every aspect of this virus so far. It’s not only prudent, but also essential we keep an open mind regarding this unfolding pandemic and what mistakes were made so we avoid them in our future decisions.

Experts who were involved in the initial decisions regarding the coronavirus response will undoubtedly push back against any notion that the virus outbreak started before they originally thought. For them to acknowledge that would mean they would have to admit they were wrong, and experts almost never admit they were wrong.

Already it is looking like the extended shutdowns were a huge mistake and did more damage to the economy than people realize. We can’t afford to make future mistakes with such grave consequences because experts refuse to admit that they simply got this whole thing wrong from the start.

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