What economic downturn? Ferrari sales up 5% over same period last year.

Tyler S. Farley

I’ve already written about how this coronavirus situation is starting to look a lot more like a bank heist than a global pandemic. For example, in this article I pointed out how the wealthiest 500 people have seen their fortunes grow by 25% since the beginning of the “global pandemic”.

But new evidence has come out showing that the ultra-rich seem to feel as though they have even more money on the way despite the global recession the rest of us are feeling.

Ferrari announced that sales of their ultra-expensive supercars were up 5% over the same period last year. Not bad at all when many companies that sell to the average consumer are declaring bankruptcy as their business has evaporated.

But that’s not the case with the ultra-expensive Ferrari sports cars, some of which cost almost $2 million each. In fact, the only thing holding back sales is the fact that the factory has be closed at the moment, so orders are backing up.

However, according to Bloomberg, those factories will be opening on May 8th, and Ferrari will be asking employees to work weekends and extra shifts to meet the demand.

So I suppose not everyone is worried about the economy. In fact, some seem to think the money will keep rolling in.

When the pandemic started and the government started printing money, the elites went into overdrive stealing everything that wasn’t bolted to the floor. The result is a totally indebted American government and billionaires that made more money in 30 days than they had for the last 5 years.

All of this is starting to remind me of the countless bank heist movies that have we’ve all seen before. A group of thieves set up a distraction in town to attract all the police and attention, then during the commotion they rob they biggest bank in town. Countless movies have used this plot line and the coronavirus is starting to look exactly the same. A huge global distraction so the central banks could hand out free money. A few bucks trickled down to the unwashed masses, but the elites walked away with billions free and clear.

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