How long will the mainstream media cover for China now that virtually every American has been harmed by the CCP’s actions?

Tyler S. Farley

What started off as being labeled a conspiracy theory has now worked its way into the mainstream. Most Americans believe that China was responsible for much of the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Not only did they lie about it early on which prevented countries from taking action sooner so the virus could be contained, the virus also appears to have been created in their Wuhan laboratory.

These are no longer conspiracy theories, and instead are now mainstream beliefs held by a majority of Americans, regardless of political affiliation.

While the “blue-checkmark” Twitterati will continue to push back against these proven truths, even rank and file working Democrats know the truth. China unleashed a pandemic on the world and it has negatively touched every American, in some ways tragically.

But all of this sets up a curious situation regarding the mainstream media. As you know, anything Trump goes against, the mainstream media defends. And anything Trump supports, the mainstream media attacks. So now that Trump is seemingly prepared to go full tilt against China, how long can the media defend the CCP, or will they have to capitulate and admit Trump was right all along?

Just today Trump has publicly come out and said that China is working against his reelection chances and that they will do anything to prevent him from winning. This telegraphs that Trump is going to take the gloves off in his fight with China, and it’s most likely going to get nasty.

But will the media fall back on their instincts and defend anything Trump attacks? If they do, it will crush whatever sympathy and respect the media has left among the American people, which isn’t very much to begin with.

I think you would be hard pressed to find one single American who isn’t angry with the Chinese government at this point. The stories about Chinese wrongdoing during this pandemic are almost to numerous to chronicle here. From their initial hiding of the virus itself, to letting Wuhan residents fly internationally at the peak of the outbreak, China has caused immeasurable harm to the world.

But things got worse, after the pandemic was in full swing, the CCP continued to do what China is famous for. They sent faulty medical gear, testing equipment, and PPE all around the world. From Italy, to Germany, and even here in America, medical facilities received defective medical products from China at the height of the pandemic.

Were those defective products a mistake or simply another example of the Chinese government looking to spread the coronavirus and make containing it more difficult?

Whether it was incompetence, negligence, or intentional, no American is sympathetic to the actions of the Chinese government. And if the media decides to defend them against Trump’s coming fury, they will be doing him a big favor come November.

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