We’re all in this together – World’s 500 wealthiest people see their fortunes increase 20% since March 23rd.

Tyler S. Farley

As every television commercial keeps reminding us that “we’re all in this together”, the data is showing that may not be exactly true.

While large corporations saturate the airwaves with feel-good commercials telling us that they’ll be there for us in these difficult times, it looks like for the wealthy elite, things couldn’t be better.

According to ZeroHedge and other financial outlets, the combined net worth of the wealthiest 500 people has gone up a whopping 20% since March 23rd. Imagine that, in less than a month’s time, the elites have had their fortunes go up 20% while the regular citizen stands in a crowded bread line or begs for unemployment insurance.

A perfect example of this totally out-of-whack dystopian inequality is Jeff Bezos. A global pandemic hasn’t dented his fortune at all, in fact, it’s at an all time high. Bloomberg reported that Bezos’ net worth ballooned to a staggering $138 billion once the economic stimulus plan was approved by Congress.

So for many of the wealthiest elites, they may very well have no idea the country is struggling. For them, they are in the midst of a windfall unlike any other they’ve witnessed.

Perhaps that’s why Jeff Bezos has decided to cut the payout of Amazon’s affiliate program by over 50% on some items. A move which devastates small, work-at-home entrepreneurs and independent publishers.

Not only that, it has been reported that Jeff Bezos has gone to great lengths to stop his employees from forming unions so they can share in the great success of Amazon.

A report by Business Insider shows that Bezos uses heatmap technology to find out which stores are most at risk of unionizing so he can snuff out any early attempts at worker collaboration.

Jeff Bezos must think everyone is doing just as great as he is, so why not cut payouts and possible benefits right in the middle of a pandemic.

All of this is just more proof that wealth inequality has reached such heights that the news supporting it has almost become comical and cartoonish. If people were told before all this started that a global viral pandemic including a global economic shutdown would cause the wealthiest people in the world to increase their fortunes by 20% in a matter of weeks, you would never believe it. The only possible scenario where you would believe that is if those same elites were somehow the ones pulling the strings and caused the pandemic just so they could reap the rewards.

And yet here we are. Americans stand in bread lines wearing homemade masks while Jeff Bezos adds to his fortune on a daily basis. Just today Amazon announced they will now accept food stamps, causing their stock to jump once again. It’s a perfect scenario for Bezos, he pays his employees so little that almost 30 percent are on food stamps themselves. So Amazon will be like the old, corrupt coal mining towns where workers spent their earnings in the local stores owned by the coal company itself.

So as it turns out, those commercials telling us that we’re all in this together are nothing more than pointless lip service. I’m sure you already knew that, but just in case you needed any proof to share with those who seem to be falling for the mainstream media’s official narrative, feel free to let them know.

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