As studies from American cities point to the outbreak being less severe than initially thought, the media keeps up the fear mongering.

Tyler S. Farley

Now that we are farther along into this pandemic we can start to look at studies from our own cities instead of depending on studies from places like Italy or China.

What thesese new domestic studies are telling us is that the pandemic is not nearly as severe as the experts first predicted.

The first such study comes out of Santa Clara County California. As reported by PJ Media, the study indicates that overall the infection rate is most likely 50-80 times higher than initially thought. What this actually means is that the virus has already spread through the population, probably months ago. So the need for ongoing extreme mitigation and shutdowns is most likely not necessary.

“On Friday, the results of the first large-scale antibody study in Santa Clara County in California headed by a Stanford University professor, Dr. Eran Bendavid, was released, and based on the results, the actual number of positive coronavirus cases is likely 50-85 times higher than confirmed cases.

This means the fatality rate of the coronavirus may be significantly lower than the World Health Organization’s 3.4 percent estimate, or Dr. Fauci’s 2.0 percent estimate.”

The study concludes the fatality rate to be much closer to .1%, which is inline with a severe flu season.

Next we have data out of Boston showing that nearly 400 occupants of a homeless shelter were tested for covid-19. According to CNN, 146 tested positive but had no symptoms or reported being sick. This corroborates the Santa Clara County study which suggests a large portion of the population has already been exposed to the virus.

All of this is pointing to the fact that the experts most likely overreacted with their doom and gloom talk. In fact, that’s already been proven as they have revised their death totals and hospitalization rates downward by a factor of 30. So their early models were nowhere close to reality.

But now we are finally seeing the proof and it’s in the form of studies done right here in American cities, so we can trust the data.

So why isn’t the media reporting on this as good news? Why is the media instead pushing the narrative that the worst is still yet to come when all the data suggests otherwise?

It’s obvious the goal now is to make this pandemic-fear last as long as possible. Whether it be for political reasons or simply as a business decision since the pandemic makes for good ratings. Either way, its become quite obvious there is a strong motivation to keep the fear going for as long as possible.

The only way to stop it is for the people to voice their opposition. As we’ve seen in Michigan and Pennsylvania, the citizens are tired of this open-ended fear mongering. They want a definite timeline for reopening. And now those protestors have the scientific data on their side to keep pushing for a reopening of their local economies sooner than later.

The experts have been berating us for months telling us all we must be guided by the data. Well, the data is telling us the experts were wrong. It’s time to change course so we can start to come out of these shutdowns and get Americans back to work.

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