Bizarro World! 5 things the “experts” told us that turned out to be the exact opposite of what they said just weeks earlier.

Tyler S. Farley

If you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed a trend taking place over the last month or so when it comes to what the so-called “experts” are telling us. That trend seems to be that whatever the experts say, time ends up proving the opposite to be true and the experts end up totally reversing their original opinion.

Below are 5 major examples of the experts completely reversing their opinions.

Masks – At the onset of the pandemic here in America, all the leading health experts told Americans they should not wear masks. They told us all that masks don’t actually work based on the “science” and they are not necessary. Some even suggested they were worse than wearing nothing at all.

Fast forward a month and now suddenly masks work and we should all wear “cloth face coverings” to reduce infections and the spread of the virus.

The reason given for the complete reversal was that new data emerged showing how the virus transmits from one person to another. However, this is not true at all. It was well known the virus transmits through droplets that come from people’s mouths or noses. In fact, this has been known for over a hundred years. Nothing really changed other than the experts were wrong and needed an excuse for why they were changing course.

Young People – At the onset of the pandemic the experts told us that one silver lining in all of this was that young people are mostly immune and show no symptoms or very mild symptoms. But about two weeks after that, when the experts noticed young people were not that worried since they listened to those same experts telling them they were safe, suddenly the messaging became the opposite. Now, the experts were telling us that young people are actually the most vulnerable and most likely to be hospitalized.

Once again, the experts made a complete turn-around. The opposite now became the truth.

Human To Human Transmission – The experts at the Chinese-controlled World Health Organization told everyone in January that the virus was not transmitting from person to person. Of course, as we all sit in perpetual lockdown, we know that’s not true at all.

But once again, it was 180 degrees from the truth. In fact, this strain of virus was more infectious than almost any other strain. The human to human transmission was the WORST part of the virus’ profile. So here we have again the truth turns out to be the opposite of what the experts first told us.

Travel Bans – When President Trump first announced travel restrictions for flights coming from China, he was labeled a racist. Many experts at the time said the moves were not needed, and would only spread a hateful stigma about Asian-Americans.

But now, the experts have changed course. The travel bans turned out to be one of the smartest moves our country could have made.

Death Toll – Just a month ago the experts’ fancy models predicted the death toll to be as high as 2.5 million people. More importantly, those models INCLUDED mitigation measures in their calculations. But just a few short weeks later, the death toll is now projected to be about 60,000 and could possibly fall even lower.

Once again, the experts were completely wrong. Of course, we don’t mind as much when errors go in our favor, as a lower death count is a good thing. But it still means the experts were wrong.

The experts are trying to cover for their errors once again by claiming the mitigation is what has caused the death toll numbers to be so low relative to the early projections. But that’s simply not true. The early projections were based on Italy’s data, which included mitigation and lockdowns.

So there you have 5 major incidents where what the experts told us turned out to be the total opposite of what they ended up telling us just a week or two later. These weren’t minor issues either, these were major issues that influenced policy decisions around the world and have caused trillions of dollars in economic turmoil.

If one looks at the track record of these so-called experts objectively, you can only come to the conclusion that they got every major issue completely wrong and had to say the opposite only weeks after their initial predictions.

With that sort of track record, how long should we really continue to allow our lives to be dictated by the predictions of the so-called experts?

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