Everything the elites do immediately and negatively impacts our lives now. As they grow more powerful, there’s no way to escape the effects of their crazy schemes.

Tyler S. Farley

Even before the coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down in the span of two weeks, people were already miserable.

A few months ago when the calendar turned to the year 2020, for the first time in my life I saw younger people longing for the previous decade even before this one had started.

For those who are a little older, I’m sure you can remember that each new decade was warmly welcomed, and relics of the past decade became a thing of ridicule. Think about the transition from the 70’s to the 80’s. All things 1970 soon became the butt of jokes as the modern era of the 1980’s was ushered in. Sure, the old-timers might reminisce about the good ol’ days as they always do. But a majority of people, especially the younger people, welcomed the new decade with open arms.

If you browse social media today, there are countless memes about how terrible each new year is. They are meant as jokes, but below the surface they tell a hidden truth. The world sucks now and everyone knows it. Sometimes it’s referred to as living in the craziest “timeline” ever, but everyone knows the world suddenly stopped being fun in the last 15 years. This is why people no longer look forward to the new decades. Even kids who were never alive during the 1980’s long for that decade just based on what they’ve seen in videos and movies. This is a completely new phenomenon where the youth long for past decades instead of it just being the old timers who tell us about the good old days.

So why is that, why do we all agree the world suddenly stopped being fun and stopped making any sort of rational sense and instead just has us hopping from one catastrophe to the next? Well, the reason is simple and it’s because the elites that rule over us have concentrated so much power that anything they do immediately impacts our daily lives. You simply can’t go around ignoring things and living your life. It’s impossible to be ignorant and blissful because everything the elites touch turns to shit, and you see it right in your face.

Going back to the 1980’s for example, you could ignore the news on TV and in every newspaper and simply go on living your life. You may have been clueless, but for the most part the things going on in the world would have very little impact on your daily life. But today, everything the elites do has an immediate impact, there is no way to avoid it and it’s making us all miserable.

Think about the housing crisis of 2008. This was no natural economic downturn. Instead, the wealthy elites manufactured a system to siphon off every American’s equity in their homes. It was 100% a manufactured crisis and the elites who created it got rich, while every American had to deal with the consequences. There was no way to ignore it, even if you stayed away from the news and the “negative” media out there, you still had to live through what they created. You saw it in your own neighborhood as homes foreclosed and went unattended. You saw it in your friends or neighbors who had to downsize or move away. Children had to move and leave their school friends behind. The elite’s scheme to get rich impacted almost every American. You couldn’t avoid it. They got rich and you dealt with the consequences.

Of course, this has always been the case to some degree. The elites have always been able to start wars or other global calamities that were impossible to avoid. But these were once in a century type of events. Now, it’s a non-stop barrage of elite created shit storms that we’re forced to live through.

As we sit and suffer through the current coronavirus shutdowns around the world with no word on when they will end, everyone is realizing that something about this whole story just doesn’t make sense. The fear, the panic, the death-tolls, the trillions of dollars that is about to be handed out, and the origin of the virus itself – Something just feels off. We’re all getting played again just like every other elite-controlled catastrophe, from the Iraq invasion, to the 2008 housing bubble, to the cornoavirus, and everything in between.

People are miserable because the elites are controlling the world in such a heavy-handed way that there’s no way to avoid their constant fuckery. We are forced to live through it whether we try to ignore it or not.

Most people would love to simply turn off the news and go on about their lives in blissful ignorance, but they can’t. That’s what has made the last decade so miserable, and it’s why millennials joke about wishing they were dead all over social media. They’ve never seen a time when you could simply tune out of the world. From the day they were born they have witnessed crisis after crisis, and every single one was manufactured by the elites. Not only that, the elites all become wealthier and more powerful after each “crisis” and the kids watch their futures go down the drain.

If there’s one thing Americans and possibly the rest of the world will learn from the coronavirus it’s that we can no longer simply hope for the best while allowing the elites to run wild. Their power has grown too strong and concentrated, and now every single thing they do immediately upends our lives. Its turned us all into conspiracy theorists, but justifiably so. We know nothing we are told is the truth, and everything is just misdirection to keep us blaming each other instead of pointing the finger at the real criminals.

There always comes a time in an abusive relationship where the person being abused needs to make a decision. Do they keep on letting themselves get abused or do they finally stand up and fight back? Maybe after the coronavirus, people will finally be forced to make that decision.

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