For over a month the experts have told us America is only a week behind Italy. Well, it never happened. The experts were wrong.

Tyler S. Farley

It seems hard for some to understand, but the so-called “experts” can sometimes be wrong. In fact, they’re often wrong. If they were always right we would all live in a utopia where the experts perfectly managed a perfect world.

Many experts have filled the cable news shows and Twitter to tell us all that America was only a week behind Italy. Whatever was going on in Italy, confirmed or not, was undoubtedly coming to America, and in a weeks time.

The only problem is, they’ve been saying that for over a month. And low and behold, the Italian situation never really materialized. Not only that, Italy has now seen two straight days of case declines.

So in reality, Italy appears to be past the worst of it. But will all those experts now say that America is still a week behind Italy? Will they say our issues will start winding down next week as well?

I doubt it, and instead I expect the experts to all pick a few new countries to start labeling as our future here in America, the same way they did with Italy. It might be the U.K., or India, or some country where we can’t verify any of the information.

I’m sure there will be daily unconfirmed Tweets from unconfirmed Twitter accounts of medical staff exhausted and warning us of the apocalyptic conditions in their hospitals.

The truth is, we live in a world where we all have no idea if any of that is true anymore. The media’s out of control lying and social media has made it so we can only trust our own eyes. And for most people in America, things look like they are about to start winding down and getting back to normal despite the fear porn on the evening news.

But yes, there will be more cases in New York, and in Washington state. But the country is not about to be engulfed by an out of control pandemic. The predictions of millions of dead were so far off the mark, it borderlines on criminal that the news even ran such stories.

So while this is still not over, the most dire predictions can now obviously be discarded as over-the-top fear mongering. The deaths will most likely be a fraction of the seasonal flu deaths. However, many people will still want to believe a pandemic is right around the corner. And the media will probably fight until the last person is cured to convince everyone that Trump’s presidency was to blame for the pandemic that came in with a bang, and went out with a whimper.

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