How the coronavirus combined with the media’s obsession with portraying Trump’s presidency as an apocalyptic event created the perfect storm of fear-mongering hysteria.

Tyler S. Farley

A few days ago I wrote about how the coronavirus response could turn out to be one of the biggest false alarms in history. Of course, for the benefit of all of us, I hope I’m proven right on that because it will mean all the terrible forecasts never came true. That should make everyone happy, except of course for those in the media.

It’s very possible that we have witnessed a perfect storm where the media that was hungry for a global catastrophe to bolster their narrative that a Trump presidency is an extinction level event, was given a global pandemic to oversell and they just couldn’t help themselves.

As I’m sure you know, the media has spent the last two years making dire predictions that Trump’s presidency is not only a threat to America as we know it, but the world as well. And no, I wasn’t being hyperbolic earlier when I wrote that the media has been trying to sell Trump’s election as an extinction level event, on par with a meteor strike wiping out the dinosaurs and most life on earth millions of years ago.  Long time columnist and Democratic mouthpiece Andrew Sullivan called Trump’s election an “extinction level event” in a sprawling New York Times article.

Andrew Sullivan’s sentiment was no isolated incident either. For three years mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post have put out non-stop stories suggesting that if left unstopped, Trump will destroy America and the world itself by the time his presidency is over.

Every action Trump has taken, which by the way have been proven right, was described by the media at the time as the first step towards some sort of global destruction. Trump’s talks with North Korea were going to bring about nuclear war according to the media, but instead it brought peace. Everything Trump has done, or even Tweeted, was portrayed by the media as the start of a global calamity.

Then of course let’s not forget about the media’s constant fear mongering about Trump’s so-called “concentration camps” at the southern border. The media said Trump was locking children in cages. The New York Times ran images supposedly showing some of these children, but they turned out to be photos from 2014.

Almost every major mainstream story for the last three years has suggested Trump was in some way destroying America, and even the world as we know it.

But then came the coronavirus, and the media could finally sink their teeth into one of the juiciest bits of fear mongering they could have ever hoped for. And don’t for a minute think that the left-leaning media wasn’t dying to promote death and catastrophe. Long time left-winger and mainstream media darling Bill Maher even publicly said he would love for the economy to collapse in order to damage Trump’s reelection chances.

The truth is, the media has been looking for a catastrophic event to push since the day Trump took office. They have filled the airwaves and newspapers with fake headlines and fake suggestions of impending doom. But now they had something they could really latch on to. An invisible enemy, an exotic virus that nobody really understood. It all made for a perfect storm to set off one of the biggest false alarms in America’s history.

As I’ve written about in this article, there are many pieces of evidence that point to this whole event being milder than previous viral scares. But the news isn’t pushing those narratives, instead they’re engaging in constant fear mongering, and of course more attacks on Trump.

Earlier this week an MSNBC contributor went on a long rant describing how Trump should be arrested on homicide charges for how he’s handled the outbreak so far. During this whole unhinged on-air rant nobody else at MSNBC even pushed back. They have been promoting catastrophe for so long that suggesting the president be arrested for murder was nothing remotely out of the ordinary. It really shows how completely out of control and disgusting the media has become, and it also proves why they were so eager to push extreme coronavirus fears whether they were true or not.

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