The engineered coronavirus should be a warning that the elites that rule over us have access to technology that is far too dangerous for them to be trusted with.

Tyler S. Farley

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, many experts have questioned the original official narrative that it was the result of wild animal meat being consumed by Chinese customers. Of course, considering this explanation was coming directly from the Chinese government, one would be right to immediately question it, as they are well known for providing false information to save face.

Many experts believe the coronavirus was instead an engineered virus, and one that was accidentally released from the biological facility in Wuhan, China. Wuhan has the only laboratory of its kind in China to handle such a virus, and the outbreak just happened to originate from there. But there is more evidence than just that, some leading virus experts believe sections of the virus DNA have been spliced, suggesting it was man-made.

All of this brings up a very scary subject and one that can’t be ignored as technology continues to evolve and march forward. The elites controlling that technology are being given more and more power everyday because of this new technology. And as we see with the coronavirus release, they can’t be trusted with this technology. Whether by folly or by design, they will ultimately only end up causing suffering as they wield newer and more dangerous technology.

A similar situation can be seen with our privacy. As tech companies become more advanced, they can monitor, capture, and process more and more of our personal data, now in real-time. High speed bandwidth and powerful cloud computing allows companies like Google to track you in real time, and even decipher your conversations, both written and spoken whether you allow them to or not. Videos and photos posted are instantly analyzed to determine who is in them. This much power can’t be trusted in the hands of those who possess it. They have already shown that they become drunk on the possibility of being able to monitor, profile, and track every user. Instead of showing restraint, these companies have done the opposite and have spent more time on intrusive data mining and privacy invasion than putting in any sort of protections. In fact, many companies have implemented no protections at all and even created loopholes to avoid protections already in place.

You can see evidence of this in the euphemisms they use when talking about privacy. Google, Facebook, and other giant tech firms often invite you to “manage your privacy” settings. There is no management of privacy when they default to the position of you having zero privacy, and you must take action through a convoluted set of rules and settings to try to prevent it. That’s them managing your privacy, not you.

Such privacy management shouldn’t even be legal. If I as a citizen captured private internal data from Google and tried to profit from it by selling it to other companies, I would be arrested and jailed. Yet Google is free to do exactly that to all of us. And not just Google, many large tech firms are doing this everyday, and the largest are ones you’ve probably never heard of as they like to keep themselves out of the public eye and away from scrutiny.

The elites have always been a danger to those who they rule over. They can send us to fight pointless wars or damage our way of life for their own benefit and enrichment. But now as technology advances, they have the ability to cause us all suffering on a much larger scale, and at a much more personal level. As technology grows, the tech elites can directly target individuals, and cause them harm and suffering. The vectors have all become much too granular in nature. Instead of sweeping, poorly thought out government decisions which impact a population, they can pinpoint specific actions to specific groups and individuals. It’s a scary prospect and one that is already taking place.

We are coming to a time when we all have to make a decision. Are we going to allow this completely unquestioned and unexamined march into a future where the elites of the world use these tools to exert complete dominance over us? Or do we decide to push back and put limits on what technology can be used and for what purposes it can be used for. If we don’t take the time to start to examine how advanced technology can be used against us now, it may be too late when it becomes far too obvious to be ignored.

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