The real question nobody is asking. Why is the DNC pushing for a candidate they know nobody wants to vote for?

Tyler S. Farley

Today the overall plan of the DNC started to come into focus.We got a preview Sunday when Pete Buttigieg mysteriously and abruptly dropped out of the race only to immediately endorse Joe Biden. Within 24 hours, Biden was racking up endorsements left and right. I guess everyone just decided to endorse Joe Biden on the same day and within the same hour. No coordination to see here, folks!

So after seeing the events unfold today it now seems clear that the DNC has decided on Biden as their candidate of choice for the time being, and the rigging has begun to help him get the nomination.

But even though we all know the plans of the DNC are about as obvious as can be now, it leaves a question that I don’t hear many people asking. That questions is, why would the DNC rig the primary for a candidate they know even their own voters don’t really want to vote for?

Think about it for a minute. If they have to rig the primary just to get Biden to win, it means their own voters don’t even like the guy. If Democrats don’t even like Biden, there is no chance he will get any independents or Republican voters to cross over. So why even go through all this trouble to put in a guy you already know the voters don’t like?

That’s the real question and it leads to a scary answer. The only logical answer and explanation is that they don’t care about vote totals in November.

I may disagree with the DNC elite on almost everything, but they still understand basic math and voter behavior. They aren’t so delusional that they think Biden is the strongest candidate they can find. So that must mean they have some other plan to push him over the top come November, because their actions in the primaries prove they know he can’t win without help.

At this point I have no evidence that there is a plan similar to the now-famous “insurance policy” talked about in FBI agent Peter Strzok’s text messages, but logically there is little else to explain what the DNC is doing.

There is no question they’re desperate to defeat Trump for one reason, and that’s to end the investigations into Clinton, Obama, the FBI, Brennan, and others. It’s obvious there was a plan from the start to spy on Trump’s campaign and the orders came straight from the top. Investigations are already underway and when Trump wins reelection, he will be politically free to go after those who tried to illegally harm his 2016 campaign. Trump has already shown for 3 years that he follows through with his promises, so those behind Operation Crossfire Hurricane know he will not rest until those responsible are exposed and punished.

This all leaves the Democratic establishment desperate to find a way to defeat Trump. It’s more than just politics for them now, it’s self-preservation. Their desperation has made them crazy, and like a cornered animal, I fear there is nothing they won’t try to do to achieve their goals.

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