A political party that openly rigs their own primary election clearly must have considered how they could rig the general election.

Tyler S. Farley

The Democratic debates have been an obvious train wreck for a whole host of reasons I won’t go into here. But the real tragedy of the current primary is how overtly and openly the Democratic party is rigging the entire process.

From shady vote counting apps that have financial backing from candidates and their surrogates, to rule changes at the last minute meant to exclude or include whichever candidate they want in certain polls or debates, the whole process is being rigged in real-time and out in the open.

But the really frightening part of all this rigging is that there is virtually no attempt to by the DNC or their allies in the media to try to hide it. They are operating 100% in the open without any fear of being called out or punished.

One of the most obvious examples of this is how the Des Moines Register refused to release their own poll on the weekend before the Iowa caucus. The Register’s poll is almost a tradition at this point, but it was scrapped at the last minute, apparently because it made the chosen candidate at the time Joe Biden look bad. The move was blatant and so overt that it was totally unprecedented and exposed how bad the DNC’s rigging had become.

What this tells us is that the DNC and their allies in the media have no fear at this point. They feel they can get away with murder, and that sets up a dangerous situation where basically no action is off limits. When crooked politicians and elites feel they’re above the law, there is nothing they won’t consider. And with that being said, it would be silly to think that there haven’t been any discussions among the DNC and their allies about rigging parts of the general election as well.

When you stop and think what the anti-Trump movement in government and the media has already done, namely the entire Russia hoax, rigging a general election is nothing in comparison. The Russia hoax was a sprawling operation involving international intelligence agencies, the media, even American tech companies, all conspiring to create a fake narrative that Trump was a Russian operative. The scope and complexity of the hoax was almost beyond comprehension. But now compare that to how simple it would be to rig a few counties in a few swing states with 10k extra votes or so. It’s actually child’s play by comparison. It’s almost too easy compared to what they’ve already tried.

One thing that makes this scenario even scarier is that if it was to take place, the current mainstream media would give Democrats all the cover in the world. Not only that, an obviously biased FBI would never be able to do a fair investigation, similar to their mishandling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail server. If the general election were stolen from Trump, who would even investigate it? Certainly not the media and certainly not the FBI, so who does that leave?

The most effective remedy to this possibility is an overwhelming Trump landslide. If the polls are accurate, Trump is shaping up to have a much larger margin of victory this year than he did in 2016. This is good news because the larger the margin of victory, the less likely that rigging could swing the election.

This is just another reason and motivation for Trump supporters to not become overconfident. A close victory may not be enough if there are plans to rig certain counties. So get out there and vote, and make sure to spread the word that your vote this year is more important than in 2016. The establishment didn’t see us coming in 2016, but this time they’re ready, and I’m sure they have a plan to deal with a close election.

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