Trump Tweets have a strange habit of coming true. So does this mean Bloomberg is the new favorite in the race?

Tyler S. Farley

Trump has a funny way of predicting the future with his Tweets. He’s been doing it for years now, even before he was president. For example, remember when Trump pointed out Anthony Weiner’s and Elliot Spitzer’s perverse lifestyle years before the evidence came out? It’s actually become so common for Trump’s Tweets to be proven right that there is a popular meme suggesting Trump himself must be a time traveler.

Of course, Trump isn’t using any special powers to see into the future, instead he has quite a bit of inside knowledge on powerful people. Some of it from his years as a global businessman, and some because of people deep inside government who are sympathetic to his fight. Yes, there are a few people on the fringes of the deep state who are actually pulling for Trump. The numbers are very small, but they are there and they are fighting the good fight by trying to help keep Trump one step ahead.

So that brings us to a very interesting Trump Tweet put out on Thursday. In it Trump suggested Bloomberg was going to “steal” the Democratic nomination away from Bernie Sanders. A move that would enrage Bernie supporters just like in 2016.  You can see the Tweet below.

If you are familiar with how Trump operates, you’ll know that his sly suggestion of what will happen to Bernie isn’t just a guess or a random thought. Trump constructs his Tweets very carefully and this was certainly by design. He must have heard rumors or has a very strong suspicion that this is exactly what is going to happen.

Politically it also makes sense and very well could be how things play out. Bloomberg is operating from the sidelines for now, but come super Tuesday, many are thinking he will run up big victories, placing him neck and neck with Sanders and knocking out Buttigieg.

Buttigieg getting knocked out is the big factor here. His supporters are mostly pragmatic Democrats, they aren’t loyal supporters like Bernie supporters are. Buttigieg’s supporters will most likely get behind Bloomberg who also brands himself as a pragmatic business type leader.

For all practical purposes Biden and Warren are dead in the water. Biden might make a slight comeback in South Carolina, but even that’s in question now as his plan to hope for the black vote to save him has been exposed. Warren has fizzled out even in her own backyard of the Northeast, so I doubt she will suddenly be revitalized in the south.

To be perfectly honest, early on I suspected Bloomberg’s campaign was just a narcissistic joyride so he could feel like a player on the world stage and only burn a few million of his own billion dollar fortune in the process. But with Trump’s recent Tweets and his attacks on “Mini-Mike”, I’m open to the idea that Bloomberg might be the nominee after all.

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