Is Trump trolling Democrats into more impeachment talk?

Tyler S. Farley

Despite all the division in politics right now there is one thing I think everyone can agree on and that’s the fact that Donald Trump is probably the greatest internet troll in history. His fans and supporters already know this and it’s part of the reason they love him. But his opponents are slowly figuring it out as well. Democrats are realizing that Trump has been trolling them into making mistakes for 3 years and it’s making Trump look better and better with each passing day.

With that in mind, let’s look at the latest troll by President Trump. It was a Tweet regarding the Roger Stone sentencing which is scheduled for February 20th. Trump made a Tweet early Tuesday morning attacking the recommended sentencing of nearly 10 years. Later that day, the Justice Department announced it would be revising the sentencing guidelines, most likely to a much lower amount. Of course, this set off waves of expected outrage from Democrats who accused Trump of intimidating the judge as well as interfering with the case. But the truth is, Trump knew exactly what he was doing, and the timing of his Tweet was meant to elicit exactly the response it did. Democrats immediately fired up the impeachment rhetoric right on cue.

So now let’s go back to why Roger Stone is even in this mess. His arrest and trial was for no other purpose than to help support a false narrative during the Russia hoax. Stone was arrested at gunpoint in pajamas in an over-the-top show of force so that the media could run with the story that the “walls are closing in” on Trump. That was the only purpose for the arrest. A minor part was simply punishment for Stone being a vocal Trump ally. But the main reason was to perpetuate the mainstream media’s narrative at the time that all of Trump’s allies were falling one by one, and Trump would be next.

So going back to Trump’s recent Tweet about Stone’s trial, it really seems like he’s trolling Democrats into talking about yet another ‘impeachable’ offense. But why would Trump do this? Why would he want to stir up more impeachment talk right after his Senate acquittal when one would think he would want to put all that behind him? The answer is simple really, it helps him and the numbers show it.

By all measures, the impeachment hoax has helped Trump. It destroyed Biden’s campaign which could have been a threat to Trump in the fall. It also allowed him to purge over 70 people from the National Security Council, so basically he smoked out his enemies. Then of course we have his poll numbers which are higher than the previous president at this same time in their term. In fact, Trump even thanked Pelosi in a stinging Tweet where he boasted about his current poll numbers and galvanized support.

Another reason for Trump to keep Democrats talking about a second impeachment is that more and more disenfranchised Democrats are realizing how corrupt their party and the media has become. From the first caucus in Iowa which was a total scam, to the fact that they were told Biden was a front runner by the media for months, some Democratic voters are seeing what Trump has been saying all along. The media and the Democratic party are rigged. The more Democrats push for impeachment, the more moderate Democrats start thinking that maybe Trump was right all along.

We’ve seen Bernie voters almost sound exactly like Trump supporters when denouncing the mainstream media and its obvious bias. All of this helps make Trump’s message about a media-led witch-hunt resonate that much more, and it makes it resonate beyond just his base. Democrats now see first hand how phony the media is and how the Democratic party pushes false narratives.

So this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but you can expect Trump to keep trolling his enemies to get them to do exactly what he wants. But don’t get too worried about more impeachment talk coming from Democrats. All of it just means better poll numbers for Trump.

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