Was Pete Buttigieg groomed by intelligence since his time at Harvard? His first and only private sector job was with a CIA connected consulting company.

Tyler S. Farley

As Pete Buttigieg takes the top spot in the current Democratic field, rumors are resurfacing about his murky ties to intelligence agencies.

The main suspicions surrounding Buttigieg’s past are in relation to his work at the consulting company Mkinsey & Company. Self-described as a consulting company, they have taken millions of dollars of direct money from the CIA. Also, their public image has faltered in recent years as more and more of their past ‘consulting’ comes to the surface. So much so that Buttigieg has spent a great deal of energy trying to downplay his work there. Previously, when running for Mayor of South Bend, Indiana he made his time and experience at Mkinsey the focal point of his campaign.

Now running for president, Buttigieg likes to joke that his work at Mkinsey was boring and consisted mostly of “spreadsheets and computer screens” as he described it when talking to The Atlantic. However, that was only after he refused to talk about any of his work at Mkinsey while on the presidential campaign trail. All of this was a stark contrast with his previous run for Mayor, where he often touted his work with Mkinsey. This was all before Mkinsey’s ties to intelligence and shady work were becoming public knowledge and harming their image.

After his work with the CIA connected Mkinsey & Company, he enlisted in the Navy and went into Naval Intelligence. He said his job was to disrupt terrorist financial networks. However, he also said his job mostly consisted of being a “military Uber” by being an armed guard/driver for his commander. According to Buttigieg, he did this over 100 times.

So at this point in the story, we have Buttigieg’s only private sector job being a short stint at a CIA connected consulting firm. Then immediately he jumped to Naval Intelligence, where his job description is very vague and he joked that most of what he did was simply to be a driver. If all of this sounds like someone who is trying to obfuscate their true career path, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that. Buttigieg’s constant deflections about the true nature of his work at Mkinsey and in Naval Intelligence reeks of someone trying to hide their clandestine past.

Buttigieg’s deflections became such an issue early in his presidential bid that even far-left leaning comedian Trevor Noah of The Daily Show joked on air that Buttigieg looked like a teenager who had been caught red handed lying about their homework when asked about his time at Mkinsey.

All of this reminds me of another American figure who has played a very big role in the American political scene, and that person is Bob Woodard. Bob Woodward also went directly into Naval Intelligence after college. Woodward said his job their consisted mostly of him being a courier of sorts who brought classified documents between the Pentagon and White House. Notice how once again a man in intelligence tries to downplay their work and make it sound trivial and boring.

Of course, as we all know Bob Woodward left the Navy and for some strange reason within a year was working at The Washington Post, despite having no journalism education or training. Within months he had made contact with a source named “deep throat” which allowed him to publish one of the greatest scandals in American politics and take down a president. Not bad for your first year on the job with no training, experience, or education in journalism.

These rumors about Buttigieg being a CIA asset are nothing new. If fact they are so prevalent that The Atlantic published an article looking into it. Strangely, most of the article shows Buttigieg has never really given a good explanation of his time at Mkinsely and cites multiple occasions of him deflecting and changing his story. But then at the end of the article, the author claims it to be nothing but a conspiracy theory, despite the fact he spent the previous thousand words unable to explain Buttigieg’s strange career trajectory.

This all bears a striking similarity to another American political figure, and that’s Barack Obama. In fact, Buttigieg has branded himself as the next Obama – A young and relatively unknown figure who suddenly shoots to fame and the top office in the nation. As we all know, Obama famously only had one real private sector job as well. That was with yet another consulting type firm named Business International, and once again Business International has ties to the CIA.  Their ties to the CIA are so obvious it is even listed in the first paragraph of their Wikipedia entry.

So now as we see Pete Buttigieg, a relative unknown shoot to the top of the Iowa caucus under strange circumstances involving a vote counting app, questions about his past have resurfaced. The official story is that Pete Buttigieg, who studied history and literature at Harvard went on to work as a business consultant doing ‘boring’ spreadsheet work. Then went to Naval Intelligence, where he once again did ‘boring’ work as an Uber driver of sorts.

It seems Pete Buttigieg is spending a lot of energy trying convince everyone how incredibly boring his past was. Not exactly a thing you would expect from a presidential candidate, unless of course your name is Barack Obama.

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