Biden’s failure in Iowa shows that even Democratic voters don’t believe the fake mainstream media anymore.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s still a lot to unpack after the fiasco in Iowa on Monday, but one aspect that may be overlooked is how it all points to the diminishing power of the mainstream media.

There is no question that the mainstream media ran protection for Joe Biden, his campaign, and even his family. Evidence has been mounting for months that Joe Biden and his family were involved in extreme corruption in regards to his dealings with the Ukraine and China. But any mention of it in the mainstream media would immediately be met by claims that such allegations were already ‘debunked’ or that they were merely ‘conspiracy theories’.  This was all obviously cover by the mainstream media to protect Joe Biden, as he was famously on tape admitting to some of the corruption being alleged. So to call the allegations a ‘conspiracy theory’ is nothing more than a media lie to protect Biden. Everyone was in on it in the mainstream media, and it was even present in the Democratic debates when CNN’s Anderson Cooper prefaced a question to Biden by first stating the allegations were debunked. It was such a shameless move and obvious covering for Joe Biden’s corruption that even far-left website Vox was forced to call it out in this article.

But as we saw in Iowa, it didn’t work at all. Biden, with all his name recognition and being the vice president for Obama, a beloved figure among Democrats, still performed nearly as bad as unknown nobody Amy Klobuchar. So all the cover and protection by the mainstream media didn’t protect him at all. Democratic voters didn’t even believe the propaganda and fake news. So if Democrats don’t even believe the fake mainstream media anymore, who exactly are they talking to? Who is their audience?

More proof comes in the success Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders had. Both were subject to fake news and smearing by the mainstream media, once again to help Biden. But none of it worked as they both finished at the top of the results. Of course, there is some question regarding Buttigieg’s connection to the vote counting app that caused countless problems.  But in the end he appears to be a favorite of early Democratic voters. So essentially, Democratic voters seemed to do exactly the opposite of what they mainstream fake news told them to do.

All of this leads us to the question as to who in the world is the mainstream media trying to trick at this point. Conservative voters and Trump supporters have long ago written off the mainstream media. But now even left leaning viewers have tuned out their non-stop propaganda and establishment cheerleading. It seems the only people listening to the mainstream media is the mainstream media themselves. They essentially preach to each other, going around in circles, propping up each other’s propaganda in an attempt to push a lie that nobody is interested in hearing – Not even the choir they are preaching to.

Trump has long said that as soon as he leaves office in 2024, the mainstream media will be dead, having lost all credibility. But it looks like they are way ahead of schedule. If hardcore Democrats don’t even bother to listen to their lies anymore, who else do they have?

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