Feminist friendly fire – How woke feminist outrage killed the acting career of “Peloton girl”

Tyler S. Farley

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the silly feminist backlash over the Peloton exercise bike commercial. If you haven’t, it’s almost too silly for me to even recap so feel free to spare yourself and click away while you can.

But for those that have heard about the absurd backlash, there is something all the feminists and woke white knights seemed to have missed in all their outrage. They destroyed a WOMAN’S acting career in the process.

As far as acting work goes, the actress who played the wife in the commercial is pretty much toxic from this point on due to the “woke” outrage surrounding her commercial. No other commercial director is going to cast her in an ad. Why would any product want the tarnish that SJW’s brought to her first ad to be brought on them? Any commercial she’s in the audience will almost immediately think, that’s the “Peloton wife”. And that’s something no brand manager wants at this point.

Through no fault of her own, this actress is now pretty much done with her acting career before it even got off the ground. Thanks feminism!

Imagine how excited she probably was, getting a commercial with a large corporation like Peloton. Years of auditions had finally paid off and I’m sure she was dreaming this was going to open new doors for her now that she had a major commercial on her resume.

But wait, the SJW-fueled outrage mob had different ideas. They’re on a mission to score social media points and they don’t care who gets killed in the process. To them, what’s one person’s career – a woman’s career – in comparison to virtue signaling how woke they are on Twitter?

In a fit of feminist outrage, blue checkmark Twitter user Helen Rosner of the New Yorker even blamed the actress’s eyebrows for why the ad was “sexist”.

I suppose for Helen Rosner, being woke means defending a fictional character against sexism by attacking the appearance of the real female actress playing the part.

So to the Peloton girl, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that all the idiots on social media who virtue signaled for phony likes and internet points ended up turning a great personal and professional moment for you into a disaster.

Just remember, social justice feminism is more about scoring fake internet points, not actually helping real women achieve their dreams. Because in this case, feminism most likely just killed a dream.

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