Will Trump supporters run out of patience if the IG Horowitz report lacks accountability?

Tyler S. Farley

To say Trump supporters are running out of patience would be an understatement. They’ve witnessed what they believe was a mass surveillance and unjustified spying campaign against the man they voted to be President. And despite mounting evidence of how widespread and how high up this campaign went, there seems to be no accountability so far for anyone involved.

The latest hope for Trump supporters is the upcoming IG Horowitz report due to be released December 9th. However, it is very possible that like other reports by Horowitz, this one lacks any real teeth or accountability. Instead Horowitz will simply document the wrongdoing that took place, but suggest it was not illegal nor did it seriously violate any internal rules or regulations.

AG Barr has already come out with a statement saying he may not agree with the IG report’s conclusions, a move some see as front running the news that the IG report will be mild and not at all what Trump supporters have been asking for.

If this happens, the real question will be how much patience will Trump supporters have left? If the IG report is a sugar coating of FISA abuses and nobody is held accountable, the narrative will then shift to waiting for the Durham investigation. But this means that once again Trump supporters will have justice delayed. The issue will simply be kicked down the road and we will all be told to just wait another year with the promise that this time it will be different.

The problem with that scenario is that Trump supporters are running out of patience, and as well they should. The non-stop impeachment hearings which have violated every spirit and rule of fairness continue on a daily basis. Democratic leaders are running Soviet-era trial tactics and even doxxing reporters who oppose them. A 2 year Mueller investigation that found nothing. And after all this, Trump supporters may be told to wait yet again if the IG report is not a bombshell.

We are entering dangerous territory because until now Trump supporters have been very patient waiting for the system to play out, albeit painfully slow. But there will come a point when their patience runs out, and I believe we are quickly reaching that moment.

It’s very possible if the IG Horowitz report lacks any real accountability it may be the beginning of an entirely new trajectory going into 2020. And based on that, this Monday is going to be more important than some people may realize.

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