Bloomberg’s plan to run the most elitist campaign ever. Ignoring every flyover voter he possibly can.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s ironic that so many billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg or Tom Steyer claim they hate Trump, yet they’re trying to be exactly like him by duplicating his success with their own Presidential bids. But what they don’t realize is the only thing they have in common with Trump is money. They completely lack the personality, charisma, and media savvy Trump used so perfectly to win the White House in 2016.

But Trump’s greatest asset and one that drives Democrats crazy is how well he relates to middle America. You would never think a billionaire who lives in a tower emblazoned with his own name in gold would be relatable to middle class folks. But that’s Trump’s greatest strength, he understands middle America and they understand him. He understands they feel as though their voice has been silenced, and when Trump talks, they feel someone is finally speaking for them and for what they believe.

So you would think if an intelligent person were trying to duplicate Trump’s monumental political success, they would try to also appeal to middle America the same way Trump has.

Well, it turns out this simple bit of logic is lost on Michael Bloomberg. According to reports, he’s decided to skip almost every early primary which are often considered platforms for small town America to have their say.

Primaries like the ones in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina are all ones Bloomberg plans to skip. Apparently he wants to send a message to those states that their votes don’t matter to him. But what makes his decision even more idiotic is that his own campaign Chief Kevin Sheekey has stated one of those states, Nevada, will be pivotal in 2020. It appears Bloomberg is so confident in his own persuasive powers that he can completely skip battleground states, thinking those voters will simply come around after hearing Bloomberg only speaking to big city voters.

Of course, if all this sounds familiar it’s because it is. Hillary Clinton played the same strategy in 2016 and it was a losing one. She famously blamed the loss on Russians, but writing off key battleground states was the main factor in her loss, as it will be for Bloomberg’s campaign.

Apparently Democrats like Bloomberg think they’ve already succeeded at abolishing the electoral college system. His campaign chief Keven Sheekey has announced they will be running a “national campaign” instead of a state by state one. Sheekey claims Michael Bloomberg will speak to “every voter at once”. Wow, that sure sounds like a way to appear relatable – Announce that whenever you speak, all voters must listen no matter their location.

Bloomberg’s campaign is barely a week old and already it’s being weighed down by his enormous ego and elitist attitude. It’s no wonder he hates how Trump’s relates to the common man so much. Because despite Bloomberg’s billions of dollars, it’s the one thing he can’t seem to buy.

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