So what exactly made Bloomberg decide to run?

Tyler S. Farley

With Michael Bloomberg first announcing his candidacy for President and then following it up with the largest TV ad buy in history, it’s safe to say he’s going all-in on his chances to win in 2020.

So with that being said, what exactly has Bloomberg feeling so good about his chances in this crowded field?

One thing to consider is that Bloomberg is a pretty well connected guy. Being a business tycoon, a billionaire, and then the Mayor of New York, it goes without saying he probably has high level connections all over Washington and elsewhere. From lobbyists to big money donors, Bloomberg knows them all by this point in his career.

Someone like Bloomberg would have been able to pick up rumors if the DNC already had a candidate in mind they were going to shill for. But the fact that he has decided to run makes me think he has in fact heard the opposite.

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Bloomberg’s announcement makes it possible to assume the DNC is somewhat in a state of disarray. He’s probably heard rumors that the DNC is divided, something that outsiders can also see. The entire Democratic party is torn between extreme left wing positions and a more moderate platform. It would seem the far left faction is winning, opening the door for someone like Bloomberg to swoop in and make a late run.

It also tells us the DNC leadership isn’t too enamored with their current choices. They probably want a more moderate candidate with name recognition, but are afraid to say so publicly and offend the very vocal far left wing factions within the party who get the most press coverage.

Another thing to consider is that if Bloomberg thinks he can launch a late run, others might feel the same way. Especially if he gets off to a decent start. The current field of Democratic candidates are constantly swapping the top spots in polling. Each week a new candidate is at the top, with super long-shot Buttigieg finally getting his turn at the top of the polls despite having no real chance of winning.

Whatever the case is, the Democratic field is far from solidifying, in fact it’s becoming more fractured. Because of this, I expect to see a pretty wild ride going into the first months of 2020, and the current polls and sentiment can pretty much be totally ignored at this point.

When we get to the nomination, it’s most likely going to be someone we never expected.

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