Why the Second Amendment is the last stand. The Fourth Amendment and First Amendment are essentially non-existent..

Tyler S. Farley

With the recent attacks on gun rights after two recent shootings that were caused by mental illness, not guns, it’s important to point out why protecting our Second Amendment right is so important. To put it plainly, it’s basically the last real right we have that isn’t just a mirage.

To start, there is really no such as thing as the First Amendment anymore. That may sound like a hyperbolic statement, but once you stop and think about it, you’ll realize it’s true.

I won’t even bother getting into the debate over tech companies censoring speech, as opponents of that argument will claim those are private companies and can do as they please, despite the fact that they all have close ties to the government. But instead, I’m going to focus on the actual government cracking down on those who dare question the state.

A perfect example is someone Dinesh D’souza. A political activist and former Reagan White House policy analyst who spoke out strongly against the Clintons and President Obama. For his efforts, he was targeted by Southern District of New York prosecutors who charged him with making 2 illegal campaign donations of $10,ooo each. After serving his sentence, he was Pardoned by President Trump who said Dinesh was treated very unfairly.

Trump was 100% correct. Dinesh was obviously targeted because of his opposition to the Obama White House and his growing influence in Conservative circles. This case illustrates why the First Amendment has become nothing more than a fantasy. It only applies if you’re a nobody with no influence. But once you have influence and gain a following, the government will target you for harassment and even prosecution if you speak out or question their authority. So yes, the First Amendment still applies if you’re a nobody because the government doesn’t fear you. But once you become a threat to their narrative and control, you’re “free speech” immediately becomes punishable speech. They won’t punish you directly for your speech, but they will upend your life and harass you.

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Next is the Fourth Amendment which is non-existent for everyone, no matter whether you speak out against the government or not.

As has been exposed over the last few decades, the NSA captures almost all electronic communications by Americans and runs them through their algorithms and databases. All of this is done without a warrant and without any cause, it’s just a giant spying operation conducted on Americans in complete violation of the Fourth Amendment. What’s more troubling, is that even after this spying was made public and confirmed, it just became business as usual. There was no fight, no push-back.

There are countless other examples of the Fourth Amendment being trampled on a daily basis. Things like cell phone records and locations being pulled by local police without warrants. Or the fact that as soon as you walk into an airport, your Fourth Amendment rights vanish and suddenly anyone from the TSA can force you to open your suitcase and then rummage through your underwear for whatever reason they want. No reason needs to be given, and if you refuse, you can be arrested on federal charges.

So as you can see, the Second Amendment is one of the only real rights Americans have left that’s actually intact and functioning. Americans can still buy and own guns without harassment. This is why fighting for the Second Amendment is so important. We can’t let it go the same way we let our Fourth Amendment and First Amendment slowly get eroded to the point where they are simply empty promises made by a totally corrupt government.

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