There’s really only one question. Is society unraveling or are we being intentionally divided.

Tyler S. Farley

One of the few things almost everyone in our divided country can agree on is the fact that it feels like we are witnessing an unraveling of society. No matter what you believe ideologically or politically, when you turn on the news you feel as though we are watching the early stages of a culture in decline.

But that’s exactly the interesting part. Even though we are so divided as a country right now, we are are all thinking the exact same thing, we just think it’s all happening for opposite reasons.

If society was simply unraveling, we should all be on pretty much the same page for why it’s happening. But instead, we seem to be split and thinking two diametrically opposing reasons are the cause behind the decline we are all witnessing.

I wrote about this in another article recently where I described that very sensation as exactly what it feels like to be under the spell of propaganda. You feel as though the world around you is going crazy. The reason you feel everything is going crazy is because you’re always being fed false information, so the world around you doesn’t make sense. It’s like being a pilot in an airplane and all your instruments are giving you incorrect information that is counter to what you are seeing and feeling in the cockpit. It would drive the pilot crazy and make him question his own thoughts and sensations that he’s trusted for years. It’s like if his altimeter was telling him he was diving, but he knew for a fact the aircraft was climbing.

This is exactly what is happening to America right now. We are all being fed a constant stream of false information. Either by design, for profit, or a mix of the two. And that’s the thing about propaganda most people don’t understand. It only takes a few instigators to get the ball rolling, then the gaggle of useful idiots and profiteers will jump on board with the trend and cause it to snowball.

For example, all you need is a couple of click-bait style articles designed to manufacture outrage to go viral. After that, all the profiteers will simply mimic those click-bait stories to profit from the viral nature. It magnifies the propaganda without the people involved even knowing what they’re doing. They’re simply in it for the clicks and advertising revenue.

It’s this cycle of instigation and then profiteers jumping on board that has made our culture ripe for exploitation via propaganda. In today’s connected world, you can spread an idea with almost no effort, and those out there who yearn for total control haven’t missed this great opportunity.  They picked up on it several years ago, and today they have it perfected to the point where most Americans can’t tell if they’re coming or going.

Of course all of this is not without precedent. The CIA has been doing this exact same thing around the world for decades. They have the art of destabilizing a population down to science. In fact, the CIA worked with scientists and researchers such as Edward Bernays to come up with many of their strategies they still use today. Things such as planting certain operatives in positions within the media to help push the narrative you want. Or using operatives to pose as “sources” for members in the media. Another common tactic is setting up front groups which carry out your orders but appear to be “grass roots” operations. These front groups start trouble and protests with the goal of attracting useful idiots to help magnify the propaganda.

Does any of this sound familiar? Does it feel like they’re been a huge uptick in protests and groups calling for protests? All of this is right out of the CIA’s playbook they’ve used around the world since the 1950’s.

So maybe the world isn’t unraveling at all, it’s just that certain people have gone to great lengths to make you feel as though it is. You see, as regular people and citizens our only strength is in our numbers and in our unity. When a population works as one, they can push back against a tyrannical government. But once you divide a population, you take away the only tool they have to fight back against oppression.

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