Right on cue, CNN to air hour long special “State of Hate”. Its almost as if this is all coordinated.

Tyler S. Farley

With mainstream media and Democrats alike suddenly pushing the false narrative that “white supremacy” is exploding all over America, CNN just happens to have a recent special already filmed and ready to air all weekend.

Almost in unison, every mainstream media outlet and Democratic candidate has been using the term “white supremacy” to replace their previously favored smear “racist”.

If you think this all feels like a coordinated effort, its because it clearly is. There is unified effort to paint Trump and anyone who supports him as either a white supremacist or sympathetic towards them. The change in tone is clearly linked to talking points that are now going to dominate the press from now until 2020.

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More proof that this a coordinated effort is the fact that CNN already has an hour long special filmed and ready to air this week to go along with all the talking points we’ve been hearing and reading about.

The special, “State of Hate – The Explosion of White Supremacy” is hosted by Fareed Zakaria and set to air again on Friday. No doubt it will air many times after that date as well.

What makes this hour long special very troubling is more than just its blatant attempt to stir racial division as CNN has been doing for over two years. Instead what is troubling is that they obviously had this special filmed and ready to go from just a few weeks ago. Right when the front page of CNN, the New York Time, and MSNBC are filled with accusations of white supremacy, CNN has an hour long special ready to air.

What’s becoming clear is that the white supremacy narrative is gearing up to be the next Russia hoax. A totally unsubstantiated media-driven campaign meant to divide this country and further tear it apart for political gains.

Trump has always said that CNN and many in the mainstream media are the true enemy of the people and as it’s turning out, he couldn’t have been more right.

The Russia hoax was aimed at one political figure, meant to smear and remove him illegally from office. As terrible as that is, this brewing white supremacy hoax is even worse. It looks to cause division and smear Trump’s supporters, not just Trump. That means this hoax looks to paint over 60 million Americans as racists.

If you want proof that all of this is a coordinated effort, just look at how quickly the media will to go after anyone who brings it up. Tucker Carlson is under attack for calling out this so called white supremacy hoax on his show. As the old saying goes, you get the most flak when you’re directly over the target. And it didn’t take the mainstream media more than a few hours to point their cannons at Carlson once he called out the hoax.

As I’m sure we will see now, anyone who calls out this new hoax will be labeled a racist and a white supremacy enabler. This is a very dangerous escalation by the mainstream media, one meant to tear this country apart as we approach 2020. We all need to fight hard to push back against this phony and dangerous narrative to prevent it from doing the damage those behind it hope it does.

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