With the fake news media, suddenly every national tragedy becomes political.

Tyler S. Farley

By now as everyone is aware, there were a rash of “mass shootings” around the country over the weekend. But as shocking as those tragedies were, the speed at which the mainstream media politicized them in unison was even more shocking.

Within hours of the shooting in El Paso, the media was already painting a picture that framed Trump and his followers as the cause behind the shooting.

Below is just one example of how the front page of CNN looked over the weekend. A constant drum beat of “white supremacy” and attempts to tie it to Trump and his supporters.

A sample of CNN.com

The problem here is clear and obvious. Any national tragedy instantly becomes a way to push a political agenda. And while that may not be entirely new, what is new is the media’s complete and overt behavior in the past two years that makes all this worse than it ever was.

The media has been caught outright lying hundreds of times over the past two years. Everything from blatant lies to cropping images or editing videos.

We all remember the incident with the boys from Covington High School. A video of them at an event went viral then became a national story. The media instantly framed it as a story of white children being racist, fueled by Trump. Of course, it was 100% false. Not only was the media’s narrative false, it was 180 degrees from the truth. The boys were the ones being harassed, not the other way around. I could go on and cite 100 more examples like this and I’m sure you know them all as well.

But now we are seeing that exact same thing but on a much more diabolical scale. In this case, the media’s mouths watered at the thought of another shooting and how they could try to pin it all on Trump and his supporters.

For proof, all you have to do is look for shootings that don’t align with the media’s narrative. Whether the shooter is far-left or happens to be a Muslim, the story quickly falls off the radar as the media can’t spin it to their liking. So they lie in wait for the next tragedy so they can push a narrative of division and hate.

The second shooting of the weekend in Dayton Ohio appears to have been committed by someone with extreme left-wing views. Social media posts shows he had a hatred for ICE agents and wanted to dox members of the agency. But as you are well aware, none of this is being reported by the mainstream media. They only report on the shooter’s ideology when it fits their narrative. When it doesn’t fit their narrative, they simply frame the issue around gun control.

What we witnessed this weekend was a double tragedy. The sad loss of life because of deranged individuals who acted alone. But also the American media that has turned into nothing more than the propaganda arm of far-left elements within our government.

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