Debate ratings plummet – As voter interest fades in Democratic candidates, is it a sign those voters aren’t as eager to replace Trump as the media would have you believe?

Tyler S. Farley

Ratings for the second Democratic debate are in and they are not a good sign for Democrats. As reported by Breitbart, ratings dropped significantly from the first debates just a few weeks ago. This time the debates barely attracted 10 million viewers, when just a few weeks earlier they were able to attract about 15 million interested viewers.

Of course, we are still early in the nomination process so I don’t expect people to be glued to their television for every debate. However, given the fact that Democrats seem to believe that Donald Trump is an existential threat to humanity and the Earth itself, you would think interest in a possible Democratic candidate wouldn’t be waning in the span of just a few weeks.

I think that this is a clear indication that none of the Democratic candidates are piquing the interest of voters. If voters have already lost interest in what these candidates have to say, it suggests none of them have the potential to catch fire and start pulling away. Instead, what seems likely is that this process will drag on with nobody being the clear leader.


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Front-runners like Sanders, Biden, and even Warren are simply leading because of their base of supporters from past campaigns and their name recognition. They are not bringing any new followers into their ranks.

Joe Biden seems like he may not even have the energy to complete the nomination process let alone garner the votes needed to win, so his chances are pretty much done.

Next we have Bernie Sanders, who does have a very loyal base of followers from 2016 who have stuck with him. But it all feels like a re-run. The grass-roots excitement of 2016 just isn’t there and it feels like he’s just hanging on. Not to mention he’s hated by the DNC elite who will undoubtedly put up roadblocks if his campaign does happen to catch fire again.

Overall, the fact that interest has fallen this much in the span of weeks should be a very troubling sign for the DNC. For comparison, during the Republican primaries of 2016, a CNN hosted debate drew 23 million viewers, very close to the 24 million viewers who tuned into a Fox hosted debate a month prior. These numbers show a sustained and intense interest in the candidates. But this year, Democrats are getting less than half the number of viewers, and they are dropping month to month with each debate, a sign of fading interest.

So all of this is likely telling us one of two things. Either the field of current Democratic candidates are about as exciting as a sloth on Xanax, or that Democratic voters aren’t really as interested in getting rid of Trump as the media would have you believe.

On the first point, if the candidates truly are that dull that voters have already lost interest, there is no chance any of them will beat Trump. Only an exciting and dynamic candidate will be able to challenge Trump at this point, and the Democrats simply don’t have that.

The next point is more interesting. Despite the mainstream media constantly pushing the narrative that people feel Trump is literally going to destroy America and the world, maybe real Democratic voters simply don’t feel that strongly anti-Trump anymore. Perhaps at one time those people were feverishly anti-Trump, but now they see he’s actually not nearly as bad as the media portrayed him. Of course, those people will never reverse and support Trump or even admit they were wrong. Instead, they will simply simmer down and become disinterested in the 2020 race without someone they feel can defeat Trump. In other words, many Democratic voters may have made peace with Trump’s Presidency and don’t feel it’s all that bad after all. The economy is doing well, their retirement portfolios have gone up, and there are no new wars. Overall, it’s pretty hard to get angry at those things.

So while we are still early in the 2020 election process, something is definitely misfiring on the Democratic side. The real question now will be what Hail Mary move the DNC might use to try to right the ship.

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