Rumor Revisited – Is Hillary planning a late run to “save” a Democratic field of candidates in shambles?

Tyler S. Farley

In a recent article I touched on a rumor that started almost as soon as Hillary lost the 2016 election, and that rumor (or theory) was that she was plotting an unorthodox comeback in 2020.

The rumor goes something like this. Hillary will allow the current Democratic field of 2020 candidates to embarrass themselves for the early part of 2019. Then after the summer and near the deadline for her to enter, she will show up and portray herself as the savior who can bring order to the fractured field of far-left extremists and no-names currently running.

It’s an interesting theory despite sounding a bit far fetched on the surface. But looking a little closer at how things are currently playing out, it may not be that hard to imagine such a scenario taking place. In fact, the first part of the theory seems to be playing out exactly as it would need to. So based on that, I wanted to revisit this theory and see if maybe it’s closer to reality than we think.


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For one, Hillary has no problem using the DNC and the media to rig the primary and nomination process. This is well documented and she did this to Bernie Sanders in 2016. There is indisputable proof that Hillary’s team, the DNC, and people in the media colluded to sabotage Bernie’s chances. Another issue while unproven but very suspicious is how Bernie kept losing primaries by incredibly thin margins despite being able to pack huge venues with his supporters while Hillary could barely attract 100 people to her rallies. By all conventional metrics, Sanders should have been winning those primaries, yet he kept losing by thin margins as Hillary would close the gap in late voting. A very suspicious trend that even had Sanders himself crying foul and asking for investigations.

So as we can see, Hillary is more than happy to employ dirty tricks and not only that, convince those around her in prominent positions to do the same.

Next we have the odd behavior among the DNC, the media, and even Google as they all seem to downplay moderate candidates. Recently, Google was sued by Tulsi Gabbard and accused of blocking her advertising campaign the night of her highly regarded debate performance. Why would Google want to limit the reach of a moderate Democrat? Either they chose to block her from a strictly ideological point of view or it was to make way for another candidate. It had to be one of the two.

Similar things haveĀ  happened to Andrew Yang, another moderate Democrat. Yang himself publicly accused NBC of muting his microphone during the first debate when he was trying to defend himself from attack.

If you remember, Trump was hit with a similar dirty trick during his debate with Hillary in 2016. His microphone sounded very thin and nasally, often catching his breathing and amplifying it while his voice itself was at very low levels. Later the debate commission admitted there was indeed a “problem” with Trump’s microphone.

So as you can see, dirty tricks are par for the course when Hillary is involved in an election. And while dirty tricks are nothing new in campaigns, Hillary’s tactics are at an entirely different level, often involving outright rule violations and crimes.

With all this being said, is the fumbling and self-destructive field of Democratic 2020 candidates just setting the stage for a late Hillary entrance to save the party from itself?

As crazy as it sounds, it’s not at all outside the likelihood of probability. Eagle-eyed users on the site have noticed that Hillary and her former aids are making moves on Twitter as if she is in an election cycle. Also, Hillary’s own Twitter seems more focused on running for an office than a woman who is retired from politics. For example, Hillary Clinton’s best friend since childhood Betsy Ebeling passed away on July 28th, but Hillary didn’t Tweet about it until two days later, allowing her recent Tweets about a child’s death and touting gun control to stay at the top of her Twitter for over 24 hours. Most prominent political people such as Obama or Trump often Tweet the same day when someone they knew passes away. Did Hillary feel her Twitter feed’s political appearance was more important than making a comment about her best friend’s death? Besides this, many of her aids and former staffers are starting to retweet each other much more often which suggests they are working together towards a common goal and in communication with each other.

I would say there is enough evidence overall that it’s impossible to just dismiss the rumor of Hillary staging a late 2020 run. However, she is running out of time, as many states have deadlines when a candidate can announce along with other criteria so that they can be allowed on the ballots. But as we all know, Hillary has no problem bending or breaking those rules for her own benefit and those around her have no problem doing the same.

One key element to look out for is how the recent small uprising of moderate Democratic candidates will be treated by the media. Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, and Marianne Williamson all had strong debate performances by taking a more moderate tone and searches for them on Google surged. It will be interesting to see what happens to them in the following days now that they are gaining attention.

If I had to bet my own money, I would say that there’s no doubt Hillary and her team are having discussions about this strategy at this very moment. Whether or not she pulls the trigger though is still up in the air.

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