Tulsi Gabbard’s lawsuit exposes a dangerous shift even further left by Google and big tech. They are now censoring moderate Democrats, not just Conservatives.

Tyler S. Farley

Democratic 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard has filed a $50 million lawsuit against Google. In the lawsuit, Gabbard alleges that Google intentionally blocked her Google AdWords campaign the night of her debate performance and when the search traffic for her name was at its peak.

For those who are unfamiliar, AdWords is the advertising program within Google. In Gabbard’s case, her paid AdWords advertisements would allow links to her official campaign website to appear first in Google search results when people searched for her name or variations of her name.

What Tulsi Gabbard did by using Google Adwords is nothing out of the ordinary. Virtually every candidate and even some politicians who aren’t currently running for office purchase these paid spots so their official website appears first in the search results.

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But Gabbard is alleging Google intentionally blocked her advertisements from running at the exact time she would have needed them the most, which was after her appearance in the Democratic primary debate. Search traffic for her name surged, and it was at this crucial moment Google decided to block her advertisements.

Google as made a statement saying that the block was simply to verify billing information and policy compliance for her ads, which is a somewhat weak rebuttal to Gabbard’s claims. There was nothing about her advertising that could possibly be policy-breaking, at least not enough to take the ads down completely. Secondly, she is a national political candidate and current Congresswoman running a nationwide campaign for president, I doubt there would have been an issue with her billing that would require her entire account to be shut down.

Instead, what happened is a clear escalation of Google’s censorship and political bias. We already know that Google has a very strong political bias favoring the far-left. This has been proven through observations of their search algorithms and also confirmed by whistleblowers who worked on the exact algorithms that carry out Google’s bias. Not to mention the leaked internal memos where Google asserts it must act as a censor for the “common good”.

But what happened to Gabbard is a very troubling escalation of those things. The reason is because Gabbard is a Democrat, but more importantly, she’s a moderate Democrat. Gabbard is one of the only moderates in the field of Democrats running for 2020. In relation to the current stars of the Democratic party, there is no debate she is indeed a moderate.

And this is the problem. Google is now censoring moderate voices in the party they are biased towards. Google has now become so far-left that they are not even allowing moderates in their own party to have a fair platform and voice. So now Google is not only afraid of Conservative voices getting out and changing minds, they are even scared of moderate voices within their own chosen party.

This is a truly scary development. The thought of Google being biased towards one political party is one thing. But now, they are so far-left they are even against Democrats with moderate views. Google has now shown they are only interested in promoting far-left ideology. Anyone not parroting that far-left ideology can expect to be censored or harassed by Google, even if they’re Democrats.

Google’s actions are very similar to what we are seeing from the DNC and other elite institutions controlled by Progressives. Democratic outsider candidate Andrew Yang has publicly accused NBC of cutting his microphone off during the debates when he was trying to rebut attacks coming from other candidates. And while some may argue Yang’s policies are further left than moderate, once again I will say that relative to the current Democratic party as a whole, Yang is clearly a moderate.

So Gabbard’s lawsuit is more than just a candidate trying to get justice for being treated unfairly by yet another big tech firm. Instead, it documents a troubling shift by Google to the far-left where now even moderate Democrats are given the same unfair treatment Conservatives have been dealing with for the last 2 years.

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