So if Mueller didn’t run the investigation or even write his own report, why did everyone from the FBI to the DOJ play along for two years as if he did?

Tyler S. Farley

Bob Mueller’s testimony did one thing nobody (including myself) expected, and that’s to reveal that he had very little if anything to do with the investigation he was supposedly leading for 2 years. Not only that, many legal experts such as Alan Dershowitz are now saying it seems clear Mueller didn’t even write the final report that bears his name.

Mueller’s feeble and seemingly confused testimony shocked many people. Most were expecting him to not offer much new information, but we all assumed he would at least be versed on his own investigation and report that cost $40 million in taxpayer money. But instead, Mueller seemed less informed than the average citizen who watches the nightly news. He claimed to have no idea what Fusion GPS was, then struggled to understand his own statements when read back to him.

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This all opens up a huge can of worms for the investigation as a whole and those behind it. If Mueller was not even running the investigation, why was everyone else involved playing along as if he was?

This bolsters the debate as to how corrupt the FBI really is and how far down the the corruption goes. We already know the FBI is corrupt at the very top, but if every agent working on this case knew Mueller was not even in charge, the fact that they all played along with a fake investigation calls the whole agency’s credibility into question.

Another question is why was Mueller even chosen if he was not going to run the investigation or even write the final report? Was he already seen as a feeble old man and was pressured into being the figurehead of a fake investigation in order to give it some legitimacy?

All of this doesn’t bode well for those behind the Russia hoax. It was quite evident before this that the investigation was a fraud, but now it seems the fraud goes even deeper than we realized. The investigation itself was rotten from the inside and Mueller now appears to be nothing more than a fall guy for the people really running the show all along.

I’ve already written about how the Russia hoax and investigation is the biggest scandal in American history, but even I didn’t believe it could take a turn to expose even more wrongdoing, but that appears to be the case after Mueller’s ill-conceived and rambling testimony. For it suggests the corruption at the FBI goes way deeper than just a few top level officials. It also suggests that indeed there is a deep state running the show, and they use puppets like Mueller to act as fronts to trick the public into thinking the government is operating as it should.

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