Key item to watch for in today’s Mueller testimony is how much coordination their appears to be between the Democrat’s questions and Mueller’s answers.

Tyler S. Farley

In late June I wrote an article describing how Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee will tell us one very important thing, and that’s exactly how long the Democrats, FBI, and Mueller’s allies plan on keeping the Russia hoax alive.

Logically and legally, the Mueller testimony today should be a total bust and blow up in the faces of Democrats who organized it. However, this assumes the Democrats and Mueller have not been coordinating behind closed doors, which they almost certainly have.

For one thing, the hearings have been pushed back a week from their original date. Did the Democrats and Mueller feel they needed more time to get their ducks in a row and talking points aligned?

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Next we have a last minute change on Tuesday by Mueller who requested that his key deputy Aaron Zebley be sworn in and allowed to help him answer questions during his hearing. Such a last minute request is unusual as these types of specifics are usually agreed upon when the date of the hearing is set.

Also, on Tuesday, the day before the hearing we have Democrats launching a media blitz to accompany Mueller’s testimony. This is another sign it’s all just a coordinated effort. You would think that Democrats would want to wait until after the testimony to deliver their remarks, but apparently they already know what Mueller is going to say so they are putting out messaging a day ahead of time.

So the key to thing to watch here is how much the questions asked by Democrats and Mueller’s answers seem coordinated. I predicted Mueller will carefully parse his words to allow for some juicy soundbites to be easily extracted from his testimony but without actually going far enough to get himself into legal jeopardy.

Another thing to now watch is what the purpose of Aaron Zebley is going to be. Is he’s there to help foil questions by Republicans? No doubt he knows what Republicans will be asking as they’ve been all over cable news revealing their upcoming questions. I’m sure Zebley has formulated legal arguments to feed Mueller so that he can avoid answering such questions.

By all logical and legal estimations, this hearing should be a huge let down for Democrats. If this hearing is anything other than a bust, it will prove the FBI, Mueller, and Democrats are still colluding to keep the fake Russian hoax narrative alive for months to come.

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