The squad is more than happy to damage the Democratic party in order to maintain their own individual rockstar status.

Tyler S. Farley

There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of politics makes for strange bedfellows, and the feud between Trump and the squad is a perfect example of that phrase.

As I’ve written about before, Trump has made a conscious effort to elevate the prominence of the so-called squad, consisting of AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley. The goal is to show that these extreme far-left congresswomen now lead the Democratic party and the Progressive agenda. Trump’s plan worked to perfection, as the squad now dominates the 24 hour news cycle, and the supposed leader of the Democratic party, Nancy Pelosi has been relegated to second chair.

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But this is where the strange bedfellows part comes in. Despite the squad’s rhetoric against Trump, the last thing they want is for him to lose. This may sound strange at first, but once you think about it for a moment it makes perfect sense. Their entire campaigns and celebrity status has come about because of their opposition to Trump. If Trump goes, so do these 4 congresswomen soon after. It’s similar to the way Trump is always saying that once he leaves the White House, the mainstream media will collapse. However, if Trumps stays and wins in 2020, the squad gets 4 more years of free news coverage and fundraising possibilities. In other words, Trump has made their career, and they don’t want to see him go because they want to keep this up as long as they can.

What that sets up is a situation where the squad doesn’t care if their rhetoric hurts the Democratic party. They could care less about the Democratic party as a whole, as they have all become celebrities in their own right and feel they are larger than the party itself. This is why they often butt heads with Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders.

So this is why Trump needs to continue egging on the squad. They have no qualms about damaging the 2020 aspirations of the Democratic party with their extreme rhetoric as long as they can continue to be in the spotlight. This means they will be more than willing to fall for Trump’s bait when he calls them out on Twitter and other places.

This is just another case of the Democratic party being completely in shambles. The “stars” of the Democratic party are simply in it for themselves, and see themselves as rockstars. They have no interest in moving the party forward or organizing to achieve a common goal. They just want to make waves on social media appealing to a small yet vocal fan base of far-left lunatics.

So while the squad may sometimes drive you crazy, just remember that every time they’re in the news, they are damaging the Democrats come 2020.

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