You know how it feels like the world is going crazy and nothing makes sense? That’s what propaganda feels like.

Tyler S. Farley

One thing you keep hearing from people is that the world feels like it’s going crazy. Nothing seems to make sense and people feel like they are hearing about things taking place they never would have imagined before. And this feeling isn’t tied to one end of the political spectrum or the other, both sides seem to feel the same way but for different reasons.

What people are not realizing is that this is what it feels like to be under the effect of propaganda and intelligence operations meant to destabilize a country.

Intelligence agencies have been doing this to third world countries around the world since the mid 1950’s, and now it’s being done here in America.

The process is actually very simple and similar to coups conducted by the CIA and others around the world. First you get your sources and mouthpieces in the media to start running the stories you want. These stories are meant to start pitting sides against each other in the population. One side sees the stories as crazy and suspect something is not right, the other side falls for the stories and begins believing them and acting on them. This immediately sets up a rift where the opposing sides can’t believe what the other is doing. They both feel the other side must be under some spell that is making them act crazy.

Next, you have third party groups start backing extreme political figures who will further fan the flames and add to the craziness. Some are aware, some are just fools being used by people smarter and more well funded than them. For an example, look at the now famous Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, her backers are so bold they made a documentary anyone can watch that shows how she was chosen in a casting call style audition. She was basically manufactured and the people behind it have boasted about their creation.

Next, you sprinkle in a few inert stories that contribute to the feeling that everything is falling part. Official stories from the government about aliens or storming military bases are a perfect example.

Do you really think the story behind the storm area 51 Facebook group is what it seems? I’ve already written about this here but just to summarize, a Facebook group planning to storm a military base, even as a joke, could easily be taken down by Facebook at the request of the military. But the military hasn’t even asked the page to be taken down. Not only that, other similar pages are popping up, such as “Storm the Federal Reserve” but that page was removed as were others. So why have copy-cat pages been taken down as we’d expect, but the main one that started it all is allowed? It’s because this is a pretty obvious intelligence operation, another attempt to make people feel as though the world around them is going crazy.

So if it feels like the world is going crazy and nothing makes sense, in a way you’re right. That’s exactly how you are suppose to feel when your own tax money is used by intelligence agencies to make you feel like you’re going crazy. After nearly a century of destabilizing countries and managing coups around the world, they’ve become rather adept at it.

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