Ilhan Omar’s own life is proof of how well immigrants are treated in this country. Her life disproves her divisive race-baiting rhetoric

Tyler S. Farley

I’m not sure if it’s irony or hypocrisy keeping Ilhan Omar from realizing that her own life experiences disprove her negative rhetoric about America.

If you listen to Omar, you will quickly realizes that she does not like America in it’s current form and in her eyes it must change to be less racist and more welcoming of people of color, especially immigrants, legal or not.

But what she fails to realize is that her own life disproves that rhetoric. America is already extremely welcoming of immigrants.

Omar was born in Mogadishu, and then later lived in Baidoa, Somalia with her family. They fled Somalia to get away from the war torn environment there and then spent several years in the Dadaab refugee camp before finally arriving in New York and applying for asylum.

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So as you can see already, the asylum process worked perfectly for Omar. Her family fled their country and applied legally to enter the United States. When she arrived, her family relocated to Minnesota and received benefits in the form of government assistance as many immigrants do. This assistance allowed them to get a foothold in their new country and set the foundation for Omar to one day become Congresswoman.

And that’s the really crazy part of this whole story. Omar is a first generation immigrant that become a Congresswoman through the help and assistance of the country she now claims is racist?

As Trump eluded to in his now famous Tweet, if America is so bad, why did you even come here? But I would add to that, if it is so bad, how did Omar do so good in just a few years after arriving here?

Omar benefited so much from the generosity of America that she was able to become a Congresswoman. Not to mention the fact that she ran for Congress on other people’s money, so she didn’t even have to pay for that. If you ask me, America is looking pretty sweet through the eyes of Omar.

All in all, Omar benefited so much from America’s generosity it’s almost impossible to imagine how she can now say with a straight face that America is a bastion of racism and anti-immigrant sentiment. Here entire life disproves that very notion.

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