Modern Progressive ideology is based on the belief that America is fundamentally bad, and America can only be fixed by making it “less American”.

Tyler S. Farley

The recent dust up between Trump and the so-called “squad” of freshman congresswomen regarding their beliefs about America has exposed a truth in modern Progressive ideology.

That truth is the belief among elite Progressives that America is fundamentally and inherently bad. According to them, America is rooted in racism, oppression, and misogyny and therefore the only solution to fix America is to make it less American. Of course, “less American” means open borders and the prioritization of illegal immigrants over American citizens. The thinking being that with an influx of non-Americans, they can dilute or wash away the “bad” Americans which are perpetuating America’s past bad deeds.

This belief isn’t exactly new, it’s been the de facto ideology in elite universities for decades. But we are now seeing it being sold to the general public for widespread consumption. Once again, this is a case of extreme far left ideology being born in elite liberal universities and then finding its way out into the public, ultimately becoming a part of the national debate. Virtually every far left idea in mainstream culture took this same path. First in the universities, then pushed by elites in the media, and then by far left politicians until it becomes law.

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Part of the way Progressives sell the idea of America being inherently bad is to constantly bring up the past. Instead of portraying America as a country and a culture that has fought through our difficult times to become better, Progressives argue that dark moments in our past are permanent and indicative of America’s true nature. But this way of telling America’s history is a total perversion of reality and a sick and disgusting rewriting of history to fit the Progressive narrative.

The truth is, America has had dark moments in the past. But what makes America unique is that we are always striving to be better, not mired in our past mistakes. Instead, we look to the future and let the liberty and freedom promised by the Constitution be our ultimate guide.

But as you can see, Progressives do indeed want to live in the past. They want America and Americans to “pay” for what people generations ago have done. That’s where the debate over reparations comes from. A belief that punishment must be given out for past mistakes. But what they fail to realize is that America, both as a government and a people, have litigated and debated these issues already. In the case of slavery, we fought a bloody war over it. These matters are settled and relegated to history, not something to judge the current state of America by.

As you can see, if someone believes America is fundamentally bad, then the only solution would be to make it less American. And that’s exactly what we are seeing behind modern Progressive ideology. The urge to make America less American. Whether it be the forcing of America to become more like European countries or the desire to bring in millions of illegal immigrants, it’s all meant to make America less of what it already is and what made it great.

But to even suggest what I have outlined in this article is instantly attacked by Progressives as being “racist”.  They try to frame it as dangerous nationalism that is rooted in racism. Of course, their constant crying wolf when it comes to racism has become tired and predictable, but they still seem to be doubling down on the strategy moving forward.

So once you look past the smoke and mirrors of modern Progressive ideology you see exactly what President Trump has been saying. There is a deep rooted hatred for America among Progressives, and Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the perfect representations of the far left hatred for what America is and the desire to change it into something much less American.

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