Trump trolls Democrats again. Trump won in 2016 on immigration, so the more Democrats expose their own policies, the better it is for Trump in 2020.

Tyler S. Farley

Trump set the news world on fire with an early morning Tweet that was one of his best trolling efforts since taking office.

In the Tweet, Trump asks why a certain Congresswomen (Ilhan Omar) hates America so much and why doesn’t she choose to fix the country she came from instead of changing America.

It was a genius Tweet and the reason why it was genius is almost getting boring for me to write about because the Democrats keep falling for it over and over again. I guess this is what Trump meant when he said we would all get tired of winning so much.

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What Democrats keep failing to realize, possibly because they still cling to the whole Russia hoax narrative, is that Trump won in 2016. That means his platform was popular with voters. One of the biggest pieces of that platform was immigration reform and the building of the wall. Like it or not, that was a cornerstone of his campaign and he won with it.

So going into 2020, Trump is more than happy to keep talking about immigration, as it’s a winning issue for him. Not only that, he loves when Democrats talk about immigration, because it digs them into a deeper hole with voters who see Democrats as moving way too far left.

This is exactly why Trump Tweeted what he did. He knew the media and Democrats would attack him. But in doing so, they expose their own wildly unpopular positions on immigration. It’s a win-win for Trump and the Democrats continue to be too stupid to realize it.

So don’t expect Trump to tone down his rhetoric on immigration, if anything he will probably ramp it up. Days like today only bolster his chances in 2020. That’s not just opinion, but it’s an objective fact. Immigration is a winning issue for Trump, just as it was in 2016. The more the media talks about it, the more he wins.

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