After the Epstein arrest, Trump’s enemies should be the ones losing sleep.

Tyler S. Farley

Most people familiar with the latest Epstein arrest are well aware that his crimes are now going to be used to punish others. This whole thing is not really about Esptein, it’s about who is going to be brought down with him. And while that’s a sad indictment of our legal system, it’s the truth of how the game is played at the highest levels, but at least Epstein will get what’s coming to him when all is said and done.

Some people have speculated that the media will try to tie Epstein to Trump, and that’s what’s really behind this latest arrest. But I just don’t see that being the case because there are a few tell-tale signs that are missing if that’s how this is going to play out.

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We know how the mainstream media and their handlers in the deep state operate. They coordinate and act as one. When the New York Times or other controlled outlet puts out a piece of propaganda, the rest of the media chorus jumps on board. They have pre-made talking points ready to go and it all reeks of a coordinated effort from start to finish.

With this latest Epstein arrest, that’s just not happening. Of course there are few people chattering about Trump’s possible ties to Epstein, but it’s all easily debunked. If Epstein’s arrest was about smearing Trump ahead of 2020, we would see the full court press of media mouthpieces blabbering about it non-stop on cable news. They would break out the big guns like Bob Woodward orĀ  Michael Isikoff to put out a poorly sourced column full of outrageous claims that the rest of the media would run with for days, fueling the fake news cycle as long as they could until the next bit of fake news could be dropped.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because you just witnessed 2 years of this with the Russia hoax. A daily coordinated effort by the deep state and their mouthpieces in the media to try to sell a mirage. Nearly non-stop fake headlines and media bigwigs going on and on about Trump secretly being a Russian agent.

But in the Epstein case, we have mostly silence. Not only do we have silence, we have Democrats warning others that some of their “favorites” may be exposed as the legal process progresses. In addition we have the likes of Bill Clinton immediately going on the defensive to say he was only on the “lolita express” a few times, not the 27 times that was widely reported. It almost reminds me of the current meme that goes something like;


Bill Clinton: I flew the lolita express 5 times, not 27.

If the Epstein arrest was a deep state plan to smear Trump, there would be no defense from the likes of Democrats. It would be all offense, all the time. That’s always their strategy when pushing a fake narrative.

As I write this, CNN has exactly zero articles about Epstein on the front page of their website. If this was all to smear Trump, the page would be littered with stories trying to link Trump and Epstein.

So with all that in mind, it’s very likely that Trump and his allies are the ones pulling the strings here. There is no doubt that Trump is a very vindictive character. If you wrong him, he has no problem coming at you with a tactical nuke. Overkill is often his modus operandi and considering what he feels has been done to him over the last two years, expect Trump to start bringing people down.

Who he has is in crosshairs is a mystery at this point. Could it just be the Clintons or does he feel Obama can be linked to all of this? In fact, there may be people we don’t even know about yet. But I think Trump is going on the offensive, and Epstein’s arrest is just the beginning of a large scale effort by Trump to make his enemies pay for trying to falsely paint him as a traitor for the last two years.

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