The real reason Progressive candidates need to constantly play the race card – Most of their policies are not popular with the black community.

Tyler S. Farley

With Democrats now spending the last two years playing the race card over and over again, one has to start wondering why they are so obsessed with overplaying this now proven losing strategy going into 2020.

The answer is actually quite simple. Many Progressive policies simply aren’t that popular with the black community. But Democrats need 90% of the black vote to win a national election, so they need some strategy to try to keep those voters despite not offering them any policies they want. And this is where the sad part comes in, Democrats are trying to keep those voters by constantly pushing the race card with the hopes that black voters will simply never consider changing parties because they have been told that Conservatives (and Trump) are all racists.

This isn’t just some theory either as recent polling confirms this to be true. A 2018 Harverd-Harris poll showed that 54% of black voters believe legal immigration should not exceed 250,000 people per year. It is currently over 1 million and that’s only legal immigrants. So the idea of “open borders” is not popular at all among black voters. This polling suggests that over half of black voters already think immigration numbers are too high.

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Next we have the Democratic platform that is overly obsessed with LGBTQ issues. This is also not well received by the black community. Even in this NPR article it is admitted that black voters care about economic issues far more than LGBTQ issues. The Washington post article referenced by the NPR piece also describes how many black voters were turned off by Obama’s moves to court the LGBTQ community during his presidency.

So here we basically have the two pillars of the current Democratic platform, open borders and LGBTQ issues, and they are both issues black voters are either against or not interested in.

Now let me be clear, I am not in any way suggesting that black voters are against LGBTQ rights or the LGBTQ community in any way. What I am suggesting and what has been proven is that those issues are simply not the most important to black voters. Yet the Democratic party seems to have placed these issues front and center, even placing them above economic issues.

And this is what has lead the Democrats to play to the race card so strongly. They see the same polling we all do. They know that open borders are not something black voters want, so they have no choice but to trick black voters into thinking that a vote for anyone other than a Democrat is a vote for racism. This is why they must constantly paint Conservatives and Trump as racist. It’s their only play, because their main platform policies simply are not attractive to black voters.

The simple fact is that the Democratic party has abandoned the black community in favor of the LGBTQ community and illegal migrants.

Even if Trump can attract as little as 8% of the black vote, the Democrats have no chance in 2020. It’s this very reason why they have resorted to the scorched-earth policy of constantly playing the divisive race card. And sadly, it will only get worse as we approach the 2020 election.

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