Selling war 101: Convince people the opposing country’s leader is insane and can’t be dealt with. This is to shut down any suggestion that negotiations may work.

Tyler S. Farley

After Trump’s latest meeting with Kim Jong Un and his historic crossing into North Korea, the war hawks are back out and trying to undermine Trump’s peaceful efforts.

The most common trick you are going to see from these war hawks on cable news is to try to convince everyone that Kim Jong Un is totally insane, and therefore can’t be negotiated with because after all, you can’t deal with an insane person. The most common reason they give to sell this idea is to point out how Kim Jong Un has killed various members of his own regime during the last few years.

The problem with this argument is that America already deals with plenty of regimes that murder political dissidents and those who betray their governments. For example, we are in the middle of trade talks with China right now. But China has imprisoned or killed thousands of political dissidents in the last few years. These were not criminals, these are people who simply spoke out against the Chinese Government and now they either dead or in secret prisons.

And of course, let’s not forget about Saudi Arabia. Just in April of this year, Saudi Arabia beheaded 37 people after sham trials accusing them of “terrorism”.  In reality, these people were beheaded for their political and religious beliefs. These weren’t secret beheadings either, they were announced publicly.

America has negotiations with both of these regimes, China and Saudi Arabia.  Nobody says we can’t deal with them because their leaders are murderers who kill anyone who opposes their authority. Yet for some reason, North Korea is suppose to be an exception if you listen to the war hawks.

It simply doesn’t make any logical sense, and that’s because painting Kim Jong Un as impossible to negotiate with is a sales pitch, and a sales pitch never makes logical sense. It’s meant to appeal to your emotions. That’s why the media is quick to point out how Kim Jong Un murders people, but they never bring it up when America is dealing with regimes that we can’t go to war with, such as China and Saudi Arabia. The only difference here is the option for war. When war is an option, suddenly the other side is impossible to negotiate with according to the war hawks.

Wars are always sold, they are sold to the American people just like a car or any other product is sold on TV. They often appeal to emotions, not logic, so be on the lookout for these tricky little sales pitches the war hawks often use.

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