What the first Democratic debates told us – Warren and Harris are the only real players, but which one will the DNC end up sabotaging to help the other?

Tyler S. Farley

After watching the Democratic debates for the last two nights, one thing has become glaringly obvious. The only candidates that are ready for prime-time are Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about policy positions at all when I make that proclamation, mainly because most of their ideas are so far left it doesn’t really matter. But instead I am using the metric of “electability” and who at the very least has the ability to not look like a fool, at least relative to the other contenders.

First off, I have written about this several times on this site and it came true this week. Biden was attacked for being old and white, exactly as I predicted here several months ago. And of course, because of the current state of the Democratic party, he basically had to just stand there and take it. There is no way he becomes the nominee and my guess has always been he’s just there to steal the thunder, money, and votes from Sanders by acting as a spoiler. As you all remember, the DNC hates Bernie Sanders and they’ve already conspired to sabotage his campaign once, so I’m sure they’re doing the same thing again. Biden and Bernie have no chance despite their current status as front-runners.

Many of the other candidates simply aren’t worth mentioning. They are small time and so inexperienced they are doing nothing more than taking up space on the debate stage. None of them, including former media darling Beto O’rourke are going to catch fire and move to the front of the pack. Instead expect them to slowly fade away in a process that seems to be starting already.

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That really only leaves Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris as real players in this race, there simply isn’t anyone else who either has the correct racial and gender make-up that the Democrats demand these days or the chops to speak and debate on the national stage.

One person to add to this list might have been Andrew Yang, as he is rising in popularity. You can almost view him as the younger 2020 version of Bernie Sanders in 2016. However, we have to wonder if the DNC will treat him the same way they treated Sanders. Already there is a viral video claiming (7:45 mark of the video) that Andrew Yang’s microphone was cut off during the debates when he was trying to respond. Was this just an accident or was it Yang being sabotaged even at this early stage of the race? Time will only tell, but Yang’s chances are zero if the DNC is already sabotaging him before he gets out of the gate.

But back to Warren and Harris and figuring out which one of those two the DNC likes more. My prediction has always been Harris, she has very close ties to the Obamas who are still the biggest hitters in the Democratic party. Plus, she has the gender and racial make-up Democrats are looking for.

So will the DNC sabotage Warren to help Harris, or will they let this play out between the two down the stretch? I think it’s going to depend a lot on how nasty the campaign gets. If Warren starts doing damage to Harris, expect Warren to get sabotaged pretty quickly by the DNC (and the media). But if she plays nice, the DNC may let her hang around until the later primaries where they will take over and rig the results the same way they did in 2016 so Hillary could beat Sanders in suspicious primary after primary.

Of course, with long campaigns like this anything can happen. One huge gaffe or piece of opposition research can change the whole dynamic in an instant. But as of right now, Harris and Warren are the only players in this game, the only question is which one the Obama’s and the DNC are going to get behind and which one will they sabotage.

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