Notice how everybody who gets busted in a Project Veritas video claims to be taken out of context, but they never follow up and explain what the context was suppose to be.

Tyler S. Farley

By now I’m sure you all are aware of the Project Veritas video which shows Google insiders admitting to actively trying to interfere with the 2020 election in order to prevent Trump from winning again.

And once again, the person exposed in the video, Google’s Jen Gannai and her supporters have used the excuse that everyone else has when busted by Project Veritas –  She claimed her words were “taken out of context”.

What makes this excuse so funny is that everybody seems to use it when they get exposed by Project Vertias, but then they never follow up to explain what the context of their words was suppose to be that should change our minds.

Van Jones of CNN is a perfect example of this. When asked on hidden camera what he thought about the Russian collusion investigation, he responded that it was a big “nothing burger”. But when the video went public, he cried that he was taken out of context. Of course, he never followed up and explained what the context was. It seems pretty clear in the video he was asked a question, and then answered it.

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Going back to Google’s Jen Gannai, she was caught on tape for several minutes explaining in great detail the feelings at Google and YouTube towards Trump, as well as boasting that her company (Google) were the only ones large enough to prevent Trump from becoming President. Not only that, she described the attitude within Google that they have decided they are big enough to now draw a line in the sand and proclaim what is right and what is wrong.

So the question is, exactly what context was there that would contradict the words that came directly out of Ganni’s own mouth? She made some pretty bold and specific statements, so it’s hard to imagine what context their could be which would make us not believe what she was saying to be true.

The truth is, there is no context that can explain her words in any other way. This wasn’t a sound-bite, she explained in great detail the steps Google and YouTube are taking to prevent Trump from winning in 2020. The context was all there, in fact Gannai provided a lot of the context herself, often going on about how it is Google came to these decisions.

Hopefully Project Veritas continues doing the great work it has been doing and we get to see more insiders exposed like Gannai. But be ready, I’m sure they will all once again claim that they were simply taken out of context.

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