AOC’s statement about concentration camps shows how Progressives invent enemies just so they can portray themselves as heroes fighting “evil”.

Tyler S. Farley

Normally I wouldn’t bother writing about something as silly as the latest crazy thing that AOC said or Tweeted. Despite the mainstream media (on both sides) seemingly being obsessed by her bizarre rants, I see it as more of a sideshow. However, her latest statement comparing detainment centers at the southern border with Nazi style concentration camps illuminates a larger issue with Progressive culture.

I’ve written about this before and it’s becoming more obvious everyday. The fact is Progressives want to always feel like they are saving the world with their rhetoric. This is evident in their doomsday predictions about the environment or their insistence that virtually everyone is oppressed and can only be saved by them. On the surface, there is nothing really wrong with such a mindset, even if it is terribly misguided. But the problem comes in when the world doesn’t need saving and you start to create fake enemies just so you can feel like the hero that fights them.

In the case of Progressives, their current fake enemy is the imaginary rise of Nazis here in America, all supposedly led by Donald Trump and his followers. Of course, this is just some perverted role-playing by the Progressive left, but by believing in it, it gives them an enemy to fight and a false sense that they’re saving the world.

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Of course, we all know the Nazis were already defeated in World War 2. But Progressives love to re-run history and put themselves in the role of the one who saved the day, without actually saving anything.

Progressives are doing the same thing with LGBTQ rights. A common comparison among Progressives is to suggest a parallel between the civil rights movement and the LGBTQ rights movement. Once again, Progressives rebooting history and trying to put themselves in the leading role of the hero that saves the day. The truth is, comparing LGBTQ rights to the civil rights movement is an insult to the civil rights movement.

Progressives are treating history like a modern movie franchise that gets a reboot.You know the ones like Ghostbusters where they totally change the main characters to be more inclusive and audiences end up seeing through the blatant attempt at “wokeness”.¬† Similarly, Progressives are trying to reboot and re-run certain periods¬† from history and then putting themselves in the starring role as the one who saved America and fought the good fight. That’s why they are so obsessed with Nazi comparisons. World War 2 was one of the biggest “good vs. evil” battles in history, so what better event to replay and place yourself in the hero’s role without actually having to sacrifice anything.

I’m sure this problem with Progressives is only going to get worse. As we approach the election, expect them to paint anyone who disagrees with them as some of the worst people ever to walk to Earth, simply so they can feel like heroes for standing up to their imaginary enemies.

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